How to Pick an Exhaust Fan for Home?

To maintain a proper house, ventilation of the bathrooms and kitchen is important. There are no natural ventilation provisions in most homes these days, which is where exhaust fans come in very handy. A significant aspect of your home’s ventilation system is selecting the right exhaust fan. They eliminate moisture and odour from your home, enhancing the consistency of indoor air.

An exhaust fan’s ability to extract moisture is the most important factor in a bathroom or kitchen fan which reduces moisture in your home. High humidity damages the materials of walls and structures as well as allows mould to spread. Your health may be adversely impacted by mould. It is necessary to eliminate moisture and stale air carrying pollutants and pathogens within your home, and mechanical ventilation will improve your indoor air quality.

Here is what you need to know about exhaust fans. Read on.

  • Airflow Capacity /Cubic meter per hour (CHM)

The airflow capacity is defined as the amount of air a fan can move around, and it depends on the ventilation fan size. And, it is measured in CHM (cubic meter per hour). If the CHM is poor, the time needed for an exhaust fan to ventilate a room will be longer. You will see a higher CHM in a large sized fan.

The 100 square foot rule is taken into consideration when contemplating small spaces. The rule states that one CHM per square foot is needed for ventilation fans used in spaces under 100 square feet; therefore, you can decide how much CMM your ventilation fan requires.

Other features such as speed thrust is also important. There are reputable brands like Luminous that offer exhaust fans that comes with a bird guard which is extremely useful for kitchen areas. The Axial type exhaust fans comes with shutter & w/o shutter at back. They have options with Shutter/Grills/Mesh in Front too. It is advised to install the exhaust fan on a wall opposite to the inlets. And it is usually not installed lower than 7 ‘ which is the minimum possible level. It is done so that any smoke, steam, or outdoor laden air can be efficiently exhausted. 

Installing an Exhaust Fan

  • Installing a bathroom exhaust fan can be done easily, but before you start, there are some factors to consider.
  • You may have to operate the electrical wiring and ductwork in your basement if this is a new installation.
  • If you replace an existing fan or replace an existing light with a fan/light combination, you need to make sure the existing wiring can handle the additional load.
  • As with other home improvement projects, before you start construction, make sure that you review the local building codes to guarantee that you are in full compliance with local regulations.

Suck Out the Moisture with Exhaust Fan

A decent exhaust fan can maintain a safe home. By keeping the air moving, stay concentrated, and balanced. You can choose the best exhaust fan from trusted brands like Luminous. To keep your house illuminated and ventilated, they have a good inventory of everything you need. The brand offers sweep sizes from 100 mm to 300 mm and air delivery from 100-1750 CMH. They provide metal exhaust fans with double ball bearing which greatly reduce the problems caused by extra moisture, prevent paint from peeling off the wall, door warping, and mould spores from collecting. Exhaust fans remove and expel from the toilets or closed spaces polluted/ stagnant air and odour, making it a must-have device in any household.

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