How to pressure wash the windows at your home?

Windows are the bridge that cut down the gap from the outer world. One can easily peep outside to know what is happening in the town. But can watch the exact details through a dirty glass? Of course not! So how do you tackle the problem of stained or blurry glass on your windows because no one will like a reflection selfie with fingerprint marks? You will lose all your followers and comments on Instagram if you posted such a shot. But don’t worry we will introduce the technique of power washing that makes your windows brand new. It is the method whereby there is a forceful water blast that is included with warm water and soapy liquids to retain the shine and clean all the grime within seconds. If you are looking for a good cleanup of your windows then try Power washing by WindowWashingExpert.Com. Now for a better understanding let us understand the process of pressure wash for clean windows.

First of all the main task is to do all the safety measures which include covering up the electrical gadgets, switchboards, and furniture because as you know water is a good conductor of electricity so there is a high possibility of electrocution. The very next task is to close your windows tightly so that they are not loose. This is done to ensure that there is no chance of openings or cracks because it may lead to the water splashing inside the house. If in any case if you detect any crack on the glass then do handle it prior to the pressure wash.

Normally pressure wash is a strong forceful water blast that has the power to rip through the screens. So it’s better that you remove the screen but if in case you are interested to clean the screen itself then you should try a garden hose. Then fill the water tanker with a soapy solution which is prescribed as the window cleaner. There is an availability of an instruction manual through which you can find out the proper solution. In case there is nothing mentioned then you can opt for the dish wash liquid along with water. With the help of a funnel, you can add this solution to the water tanker. If the window pane of glass has some harsh stains or marks then pour some chemical solutions that are commercially available.

You will have to attach the wide-angle nozzle to achieve the best results. As the more small nozzle has the power to focus the angle on the high force which may lead to the breaking of glass. This is why it is advisable to use a forty-degree angle nozzle on the end of your pressure washer hose pipe. But it is very critical to first learn the use of this machine because the pressure is too high. So if you first try it on the concrete you will not make many mistakes on the glass. Additionally, there are more safety hacks like reducing the pressure, wearing protective gears, standing far away, and throwing with the widest angles only. Finally, wash the glass with fresh water to see the amazing results.

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