How to remove pages from PDF: 3 Best Tools

The process of removing a page from a PDF seems straightforward. It’s understandable because of the format’s universal nature for anyone to think that way. As practical as it sounds, it’s not so convenient – you can’t just open a PDF file on Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, delete a few pages, then save it if you don’t want to pay for Acrobat’s Pro version.

As for web browsers, you’ll have to go through the frustrating process of printing a PDF without the unwanted pages – not to mention very time-consuming.

Thanks to online PDF editors, delete pages online easily. A number of websites allow you to remove pages from PDFs quickly and easily. You can find a few online editors right below that allow you to do that and also provide various other features to improve your experience.


Online page deletion is free with 2PDF, a complete suite of PDF processing applications. No software must be downloaded or a premium paid as in the case of other processors. In this guide, I’ll explain how to remove pages from PDF file.

2PDF has a lot of tools for handling PDF files including removing pages from pdf. From the main navigation, click on All tools to access the different programs. After selecting Delete PDF Pages, a new window will open with the application.

  • Upload PDF 

You can drag and drop the pdf merge file with pages you wish to remove into the new window. Or you can choose from a file on your computer or mobile device.

  • Delete Pages 

Click on the Remove Pages button after you have selected the pages you want to delete. You can now download the new PDF without the deleted pages after the download process takes a few seconds.


The online software tool from Smallpdf is a great resource for removing pages from PDF files as well as converting PDF files to Word documents.

With free and easy-to-use page remover, you can reduce the size of your document while reducing clutter and keeping only the pages you need.

One of the greatest features of Smallpdf is the ability to generate a copy of the PDF that you wish to modify, so you do not have to worry about altering your original file.

  • Drop a PDF file from your desktop into the rectangular box next to the “Drop PDF here” icon on the main page. The “Choose file” link in the “Drop PDF here” box can also be used to upload files manually from your computer. If you wish to upload a file from Google Drive or Dropbox, click the icons in the lower right corner of the box.
  • Your document will display a box containing the individual pages on a new page. In the top right-hand corner of the highlighted area, you’ll see a “trash can” icon. You can delete the highlighted page by clicking on the trash can icon.
  • To save your modifications, click “Apply Changes” after deleting individual pages.
  • Clicking “Download File” allows you to select one or more pages from the PDF document to be deleted. You can also send a link to your modified PDF by clicking on the envelope icon, store the document in Dropbox, or upload it to Google Drive. is one of the best online tools to delete pdf pages. Following are the few steps you can follow to delete pages online for free:

 To upload your documents

  • Safely over an encrypted connection, you can go to Data is protected over this site.
  • The files are permanently deleted once they have been processed.
  • From your local computer, click ‘Upload’ and select the files you would like to upload.
  • Files can also be dragged and dropped.

Upload files to Dropbox or Google Drive.

  • Dropbox and Google Drive also offer PDF downloads.
  • Choose ‘Upload’ from the drop-down menu.

Select the pages to remove.

  • You can delete the unwanted pages by clicking ‘Delete’ on each page.
  • Does every page have the same content? Use ‘Zosimilarom’ for larger thumbnails.
  • A ‘magnifier’ will appear if you hover your mouse over the page.

Download the updated PDF.

  • Once you have saved your document, click ‘Apply changes’, then ‘Download’.
  • That’s it! Easy as pie.