Top Jewellery Pieces to Feel like a Star

Women and jewellery go hand in hand. Every woman wants to dress like a celebrity star. While many women cannot afford the expensive dresses or makeup, it does not mean that it is impossible to style like a high-end celebrity star. Even some nice jewellery is more than enough to add magic to your outfit.

It is not essential to have thousands of dollars to afford good jewellery either. The secret lies in the type and design of the jewellery. This is exactly where this article will help you with. If you are clueless about which jewellery to wear or if you are too overwhelmed by the countless types of jewellery present in the market, fret not.

Lucky for you, we have already gone ahead and worked hard to create a list of latest women’s artificial jewellery so that you can look carpet-ready instantly. Therefore, get ready to steal the glamorous looks and buy yourself amazing jewellery pieces to unleash your inner star!

1. Chunky Link Earrings

With these stunning chunky link earrings, you can look straight out of a movie. It is both attractive and classic. If you want to bring out your edginess and drama, these earrings will pair great with any outfit. No matter what the occasion is, you will not only look great but feel great too.

You can wear chunky link earrings to pair with your business clothes at an after-office party or use it with an LBD for a night hangout. You should also not be hesitant to discover other excellent link jewellery.

In order to complete the edgy look, use a chain link bracelet or a necklace. If you want, you can add layers with other accessories as well that you have at home. In case your ears have various piercings, then it is even better.

2. Intricate Wire Bracelet

With a dainty bracelet, you can display your feminine side. This wire bracelet is perfect for wearing with a light outfit. Not only is the wire bracelet elegant but minimal as well, and these are the exact characteristics which jewellery fans look for in routine accessories.

Wire bracelet can never go out of fashion because it is timeless. This customizable bracelet is easy to wear and it comes in various styles so that each woman can buy according to her needs.

You can match the wire bracelet with other types of bracelets in order to complement different outfits. You can also wear it with your watch. The dainty wire bracelet adds a great value to the wardrobe and it is non-intrusive too.

3. Tennis Bracelet

This is the OG jewellery piece which is loved and bought by so many women all over the world. The impact of this beautiful bracelet is unrivaled. Here, we will unveil a fashion secret to you.

A tennis bracelet is not what it’s name refers to. It is not made for sports purposes to use it as a sweatband. Instead, it is a bracelet having a symmetrical and minimalistic chain of fragile stones throughout the length. The legendary name of this bracelet is an allude to Chris Evert.

She is a tennis player who lost her diamond bracelet during a match and let go of the tennis match in order to search for it.

Whether the tennis bracelet is made of diamonds or a cheaper material, it will remain an iconic jewellery piece. The tennis bracelet is ideal for adding a little touch of sophistication to the outfit without looking so exaggerated.

4. Cocktail Ring

Put a cocktail ring on your finger and shine! Make your way to stardom wearing a bold and alluring cocktail ring. If you do not mind adding drama in your appearance and kicking subtlety out the door, this jewellery piece is for you. It is a big ring boasting various types of precious stones.

Cocktail rings are popular for their outstanding appearance. It is ideal when you want to lessen the amount of jewellery to wear but do not wish for the chance to shine. You can wear a cocktail ring to the next party or an important office day. You will definitely steal everyone’s attention and you will be the talk of the crowd!

5. Stud Earrings

This appealing piece of jewellery is the height of versatility. These earrings are timeless and are a go-to option for many jewellery fanatics. These perfect stud earrings will offer a great balance of drama, shine and edginess.

The abundance of stud earrings designs is mind-blowing to say the least. Just check the online websites or your nearby jewellery store to see it’s diverse collection. Whether you want a high-end fashion statement or a luxurious option, stud earrings will always refine your appearance.

This is why it is known as That One Jewellery Piece that all women choose. Stud earrings are an understated jewellery piece which also offer a great sense of style.

6. Solid Bangles

Do you know what is the most searched for jewellery piece on Google? It is no other than The Love Bangle by Cartier. However, you do not require the Cartier logo to feel rich and divine. This is because solid bangles are scattered throughout the jewellery industry because it is derived from the fashion style of 2600 BC and is still alive.

This means that solid bangles have survived through eons. You can mix and match with the width of the bangles in order to create a perfect stacking layer. Wear it as a daily jewellery piece or a simple accessory for a bold outfit.

7. Chandelier Necklace

Chandelier necklace is for the women who want all the attention on their jewellery. This necklace boasts an exaggerated style and is completely laden with gems and stones. It can be worn with any type of outfit and on whatever occasion.

You can find many styles in chandelier necklaces. So, whatever you want to wear or go anywhere, a chandelier necklace should be your go-to choice. It will drive all glances towards your necklace.

8. Stacking Rings

They say that two is better than one. But 3, 4, and 5 are even better when it comes to jewellery. The stacking rings are popular and the more rings you wear, the more aesthetically pleasing your fingers will look.

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