How to watch movies for free without downloading

Did a last-minute unforeseen event cause you to skip the outing you had planned tonight with your friends? Do you want to fight the boredom of the evening by watching a good movie but on TV they do not give anything good? Then I think I have solutions that are right for you, or rather, the mare magnum of the Internet has them. 

To Watch Free movies You can Visit 123movies or Soap2day

You must know that there are websites through which you can watch streaming movies, even in Full HD or UltraHD resolution, completely free and legal. There is no need to download them, nor do you need to install special programs on your PC: just a simple click and the show is ready! Furthermore, many of these services also work from smartphones and tablets thanks to very convenient apps that can be downloaded for free from the App Store, Google Play and Windows Store.

So, what do you think? Do you want to find out how to watch free movies without downloading programs on your PC? Well, then take a few minutes of free time and try to follow the tips I’m about to give you. I assure you that it is really child’s play and that you will find lots of interesting films to enjoy immediately. Prepare the popcorn and a nice cold drink, you will need them much sooner than you imagine!


If you want to find out  how to watch movies for free without downloading , the first website I recommend you to visit is  VVVVID . Haven’t you ever heard of it? Bad! VVVVID is one of the best free video on-demand services available in our country. Its catalog includes many films belonging to various film genres and eras, but there are also TV series and Japanese anime (both in Italian and in the original language).

It works from any web browser after a very quick registration (no need even Flash Player). To use it, all you have to do is connect to its home page and register by filling out the form in the center of the screen or by clicking on the Register with Facebook button (if you want to log in  via Facebook). Once the operation is complete, go to the Films tab  , choose the film to watch and… enjoy the show!


Another Internet site that allows you to watch free films on the Internet is fmovies, which offers a fairly well-stocked catalog of Italian films that can be viewed for free in live streaming. Of course, don’t expect first-time movies or big blockbusters, but if you want to spend an evening without getting bored it’s certainly a good service to turn to.

The films available on Popcorn TV are divided by genre: Action , Comedy , Horror , etc .. Once connected to the site, you must therefore select your favorite genre from the bar located at the top right and then click on the film poster to be displayed (at the bottom of the page). Wait a few seconds for it to load and enjoy the show directly from your browser. It works on any operating system and with any web browser, it doesn’t even require Flash Player.

Paramount Channel

Visible on satellite and digital terrestrial,  Paramount Channel  is a free broadcaster that broadcasts many American movies and TV series. Its official website allows you to watch all the programming in live streaming and a selection of films, updated occasionally, in on-demand mode.

The Paramount Channel site is freely accessible from any web browser with Flash Player support, requires no registration and can also be viewed from smartphones and tablets. To access the live streaming just click on the Direct TV button   located at the top (in the center), while to view the on-demand movies you need to click on the Video button  located at the top left and select the item  Streaming movies  from the menu that appears.

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