A wig is a ready-made hair accessory that people wear. Both men and women use to wear a wig due to a shortage of hair. Women are more open in wig-wearing. Women use wigs to style their hair differently as many of them have short hairs and they cannot style their short hair as they want in the modern age. Different types of wigs are used in terms of color, material, and styles.

Why wigs are used:

The use of wearing wigs is common from the ancient time of Roman and Egyptians. They used wigs for their head covering to protect them from sun rays. Roman and Egyptian used different styles of wigs. As many people have problems of hair fall or complete hair loss due to chest cancer disease. So, women find it difficult to style their hairs. That’s why they use of wigs has become more popular.

Some manufacturers blend synthetic and human hairs to restyle and quality 

Types of wigs 

A wig has three main components that make it more useable; structure, material, and restyling. Wigs are available in different styles and colors. They are also available in a stretchy foundation that can be adjusted on the head easily. Ready-made wigs are in both machine-made and hand-made form. 13×4 lace front wigs wigs are available in different styles are more preferred as they can be easily repaired.

T-part wigs 

A T-part wig is made of 100% virgin human hair. The structure of the T-part wigs is like its name. It has a lot of structure with a full frontline area that can be fitted easily. Based on styling T-part wigs is versatile as you can restyle it as you want; straight, curl and Crimp.

These are cheaper and easier to use, they are available at an affordable price for all.

Lace Front Wigs:

A lace front wig is a special type of hair extension that is made up of human hair and synthetic fiber that is tied by hand. It consists of a lace base that can be easily fitted on our scalp. Some lace wigs also contain a strip made up of nylon. These wigs can be worn by using tape directly on the cap or strip. 

99j Wigs

99j wigs are available in different colors which make them trendier and more loved. They are available according to your hair color or what you want to wear. 99j Wigs have different hair color densities and are available in different styles. But they are expensive than T-wigs and lace front wigs due to the quality and styles.

The material used in wigs 

In the early 18th century, the wigs were made from fibers. But these wigs were difficult to restyle and need more protection. With time, the material was improved to look more natural and give a human hair look. Now human hairs are in the manufacturing of wigs as they look more natural and can be permed and colored also easily.


The use of hair extensions knows as wigs are becoming popular. People especially women are facing the problem of thin hair, hair fall, and hair-lose in case of some diseases. Wigs are available in different colors and styles. T-wigs are cheaper and easy to use. They also have different styles. Lace-front wigs are user-friendly due to their frontline. 99j wigs are available in different colors and styles according to the color demands of hairs.

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