Importance of technology in education

Presently, technologies permeate the IT sphere and it found in all spheres of our life – the restaurant business, consulting, entertainment and education. And today, we will talk about education.

An important feature of the modern education system is an innovative strategy for organizing training, which determines the quality of education and the image of any educational institution. What can be said about the quality and image? Compliance with written standards? Beautiful medals and certificates hanging on the wall? Or maybe the burning eyes of a child who strives to return to school again and again with joy?

I think the answer is easy to find because all of the above can be combined into one whole – quality, efficiency, and, most importantly, the child’s interest. Information technology is currently one of the main priority areas for planning the development of educational institutions. An integral and most important element of these technical technologies is the computerization of educational processes. Computer technology is not intended as an additional “dock” for learning but is an integral element of a holistic educational process that significantly increases its effectiveness. Computer technology is not just a mouse and keyboard with Internet access. It is a whole new type of communication that includes many different factors and tools.

For example, 3D elements for learning or augmented reality. This new technology helps develop spatial thinking and shows those details of the object that were previously difficult to imagine.

Immersive technologies are a tool without which the solution of many problems would now be difficult. This is exactly the tool that needs to be used to be in trend and, at the same time, improve the quality of education.

Also, the use of video materials helps to better remember the material given by the teacher in the lesson. Therefore, electronic educational resources and the new information environment created on their basis have considerable potential for improving the quality of education.

It is important to integrate technology into the classroom as it has become an integral part of the world outside the classroom and students are more tech-savvy than ever. The presence of technology in the classroom cannot replace a good teacher, because only the teacher knows how to design a lesson. However, when we combine a great teacher with constructive use of technology in the classroom, the results

are even better.

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