Important Medical Discussions

Thanks to a medication overview, doctors in the country and abroad can help quickly, properly and safely. For example, the doctor sees in the medication overview that he should not give a medication in connection with possible hypersensitivity. If a doctor does not know this, it can be dangerous in some cases. You can request your medication overview for free from the pharmacy. You have an important role in keeping the medication overview up to date. You are the only one who knows which medicines you are taking or not. Also think of medicines that you do not use on a prescription, such as painkillers, for example paracetamol, but also herbs or vitamins. You must have all these medicines listed in the overview yourself. The pharmacist can do this for you. Also notify us if you stop taking certain medications.

Discuss your medication use

With long-term medication use, the doctor or pharmacist will regularly check whether the medications and dosages are still appropriate. Your doctor or pharmacist will contact you about this, but you can also contact us yourself. Do you have doubts about your medications? Never adjust the use yourself. Always discuss this with your doctor or pharmacist first. 

Medication evaluation

If you are 75 or older, the doctor or pharmacist may invite you for a medication assessment. You discuss with your pharmacist and / or doctor whether you really need all the medicines you take and whether they work properly. You can also ask if you qualify for a medication assessment. The medication assessment is there to make the use of your medicines as easy as possible. And to prevent problems from arising. A medication assessment is therefore for your own safety.

Reimbursement of medicines

Medicines that the general practitioner or specialist prescribes are usually reimbursed under the basic insurance. For many medicines you receive full reimbursement, for others you pay a personal contribution. This is a maximum of 250 euros per calendar year (2020). In addition to the 250 euros, a deductible applies to all prescribed medicines. Please note: your health insurer can make agreements about which means it will reimburse. For example: if there are different medicines with the same effect, he may only reimburse the brand with the lowest price.

Tips for taking medicine

  • Heck with general practitioners and pharmacists about repeat prescriptions. They provide all kinds of drug repeat services. Check out which repeat service suits you best.
  • Order your medicines in time, about two weeks before they run out. Not every medicine is always in stock in the online pharmacy, but is delivered to order within a day. If the pharmacist has problems with the order, he can find a replacement within about two weeks.
  • Report side effects: It is important that all side effects of a drug are known. Sometimes a side effect occurs that was not yet known and is therefore not stated in the package leaflet. It is important to know how often and in whom they occur for known side effects.

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