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Melbet is an online sports betting company with a great mobile app.  By joining Melbet, you have access to numerous sports betting options, sports betting markets, a fantastic live betting section, casino and live casino games are more than satisfying for casino lovers and you will be able to . The amazing features available on the Melbet website can be more than useful for all its players. Melbet has many fantastic bonus offers, which can literally give free money to every Melbet player, whether they are a new registrant or an existing player.

Quick steps to sign up at Melbet

Before you start your betting journey at Melbet, you need to register. Melbet has made this registration process more than simple and can be completed in a matter of minutes. To make things even easier, the Melbet team has introduced four different registration modes.

Let’s see the steps to register with Melbet:

  1. Open the official website of Melbet 
  2. Click on the registration button, which is in the upper right corner,
  3. Choose the registration method
  4. Enter your details depending on the method you have chosen and put the promo code Promo code: BAS30
  5. Click on “Registration”
  6. And done, you are ready, you have just opened an account.

Why should you join Melbet?

Opening an account in Melbet will open many doors for you, whether you are a sports betting fan or a casino enthusiast, the advantages of joining Melbet are so many, but let’s list some of them.

  • Great variety of betting options
  • Large number of payment methods available
  • Massive bonus offers
  •  Multi Live Feature, which is not very common for online bookmakers
  • Withdraws very quickly, usually no more than 15 minutes
  • A reliable and secure online bookmaker
  • Perfect for sports betting fans and casino lovers.

How to open an account with Melbet (step by step guide)

As you already know, the registration process in Melbet is so simple and can be done in a few minutes. To make things even better, the Melbet team is introducing four different registration methods:

  • Full registration or by e-mail.
  • Registration by phone number.
  •  One-click registration.
  • Social media registration.

To open an account in Melbet you first have to open the official Melbet website and then click on the registration button, which is located in the upper right corner, after that you have to choose the registration methods.

Registration Full or by e-mail

The first possible way to open an account in Melbet is by registering via email, simply click on the registration button and enter the following information about yourself.

  • Country,
  • Region,
  • City,
  • Currency,
  • E-mail,
  • Phone number,
  • Last name,
  • Last name,
  • Password,
  •  Promo code: BAS30

After that, simply check the terms and conditions and click on register, which will open your account immediately. Make sure you only enter valid information about yourself, so that you don’t have any problems with Melbet in the future.

Registration by telephone number

The second possible way to open an account in Melbet is through mobile phone registration, which is a much faster way to open an account with Melbet, but note that you have to provide the same information as for e-mail registration again afterwards. For mobile phone registration you only need to enter:

  • Telephone number
  • Currency
  • Promo code: BAS30

After that you will receive a confirmation code on your mobile phone, which you can use as a password to log in to Melbet and you can change it after that.

Social Media Registration

One of the most preferred registration methods for online betting players is the social media registration, which allows you to open an account using one of your existing social media accounts, which will automatically give Melbet access to all your information in the chosen social media account. After your social media account on Melbet, you can use it to log in to the platform. But again, Melbet may ask for additional information about you, so you have to provide it again.

One-click registration

As the name suggests, one-click registration is probably the simplest method of registration in Melbet, requiring only a choice:

  • The currency,
  • Your country.
  •  Promo code: BAS30

You can also choose, if you want to claim any of the bonuses again, and click on registration, which will give you immediate access to the Melbet platform. This type of registration only gives you access to the Melbet platform, but in order to deposit, wager and withdraw, you must provide the required information during registration by email.

Melbet APP mobile registration

To help you even more, Melbet even allows you to open your account via mobile by melbet app download , whether you want to use the mobile version of the website or the mobile application. The process of registering via mobile is the same as registering on a computer, again you can choose from:

  • Full registration.
  • Registration by phone.
  • One-click registration.

You can check the step by step registration process for each method above, as they are identical to desktop registration.

Account verification

No matter which way you choose to open an account and no matter if you use the mobile or desktop version, you should verify your personal information and address. Indeed, the online bookmaker has been facing many problems with scammers, so the only way to solve this problem is to ask for verification from every player.

The verification process is even simpler than registration, you just need to send Melbet a scanned copy or photo of one of the following documents:


  • ID card.
  • Passport.
  • Driving licence.
  • Bank statement.
  • Utility bill.



General: [email protected] ,

Technical: [email protected] ,

Security: [email protected] .

Telephone – +442038077601,

Live chat available.

Or you can simply use the contact form on the website.


Melbet is a brand new online bookmaker, which is gaining popularity every day, this is a result of all the betting options available on their platform, you have access to many sports betting and casino game options, you will be more than satisfied if you join Melbet. If you decide to join Melbet, you can do so in a matter of seconds, using one of the 4 registration methods. If you are a sports betting fan or a casino enthusiast, you should probably consider joining Melbet.


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