Modern Digital Trends in the Healthcare Industry.

Health has always been an important aspect of humanity. We have seen through time how different civilizations have made discoveries and remarkable improvements in the way they take care of their well-being. Nowadays in our age, much of the advancements being made are driven by technology. From breakthrough studies on infectious diseases, to development of new vaccines, up to the usage of healthcare dashboard in different facilities, medicine and technology go hand in hand.

The healthcare sector is composed of different individuals, industries, and institutions that work together to address society’s needs. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics in the United States classify the healthcare sector in 9 categories:

  1. Hospitals
  2. Nursing and residential facilities
  3. Dentist’s offices
  4. Physician’s offices
  5. Home health care
  6. Health practitioners
  7. Outpatient care centers
  8. Ambulatory services
  9. Medical and diagnostic laboratories

Almost all of these key players in the healthcare industry make use of technology in their day to day operations. For example, hospitals and clinics, and other offices surely have their own database to better organize their patient’s information. And for sure, the field of dentistry is not the same as how it was before, 20 years ago. The study process of aspiring health care practitioners has also been constantly evolving and adapting to different discoveries in the field of medicine. Many of the medical procedures and activities that were once done with purely human intervention are now being replaced by either machinery or artificial intelligence.

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What is a healthcare dashboard?

A healthcare dashboard is a helpful tool where important information about healthcare is displayed and presented in an organized and structured manner. It is one of the digital improvements being utilized in the healthcare sector. There are different types of healthcare dashboards depending on who the end user is. Nonetheless, it is a new way of presenting data that is very useful and helpful to both patients and healthcare providers.

There are 5 KPIs known in the field of health care. These are people, quality, time, growth, and financial performance. These factors are to be observed and monitored regularly by healthcare providers. A healthcare dashboard is an effective tool that can display and analyze all of these key performance indicators of a specific healthcare institution. Depending on who the end user is, dashboards can be customized and set-up differently.

Healthcare dashboards also provide a better grasp on how different medical procedures and related operations impact patients’ well-being. Through this tool, healthcare providers can assess their performance on how they serve and address the needs of their patients. In the context of a hospital or clinic, a healthcare dashboard can also be used to determine processes and procedures that can be streamlined in order to further improve the quality of service being provided. At the same time, it can also be used to identify if the current workforce is enough to address the demands and needs of the patients. Moreover, patient feedback can also be organized and presented in a healthcare dashboard. This can help healthcare providers determine areas for improvement and assess overall patient satisfaction.

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