New World: How to buy a new house and house benefits in New World

New World has a great feature that players can buy a new house in the continent Aeturnum. Players who first step into the New World can unlock the function that housing in the settlement. They can build their own house in the local settlement, and the house can offer fast travel benefits for players. They can also raise their pets in the house. Although buying a new house attracts many players, it may cost a lot of money. Novice players who are eager to build their houses can buy New World Gold to save time on collecting money.

Players should pay attention to increase their ranks in Territory Standing before unlocking the first housing level. If you are lack of money in the beginning of the game, you can choose to change factions to loose down the money you paid on housing, because huge factions may have lower tax rates in their own territories. And In this game, you should consider about that you are not allowed to invest the housing market in the continent Aeturnum. So, you should think about where you want to live in. You can not change your house casually. It may waste a lot of money and energy on housing. There are some guides about how to buy a new house in the game.

Buying a New House

It is excited for players to buy a new house in the New World. However, you should complete a series of quests to improve your standing in the territory, such as sweeping out enemy monsters, completing different missions from factions, crafting some items, and taking part in some projects in the settlement. When you reach the necessary standard and upgrade to level 15, you will have the chance to buy a new house in the settlement.

There are different styles of houses in New World. It changes depending on the locations of territory. Players are lucky to choose houses what they really like, when they have enough money to buy it. And New world will give you a 50% discount on your first house which will help you save a lot of money. There are also some factors which you should think about.

Houses in New World can be set as fast travel locations, you should consider about where you want to build. You can build it in the center of the settlement or a distant settlement. You can only build up your house in the territories which controlled by your factions, and only some basic houses in the beginning.

House Taxes

When you have bought your new house in the settlement, you have to pay a property tax on the house to hold it. You will be banned in some functions when you don’t pay the tax in time, such as house call and trophy buffs. You should earn more money by completing a variety of quests, and raising Territory Standing in the process of travelling to reduce taxes.

Customizing House

If you want to make your house different in the settlement, you can buy various items to customize your house, such as interior furniture, decorative shrubbery and houseplants. Players can also bring pets from the wild to the house. They can help you keep watch over the house when you are going to complete quests in the wild.

Players who have built their houses in the settlement are willing to share it with others. You can buy more decorative items to make your house unique in the territory. And it may need a lot of money to buy them on the market. You can choose to buy New World Coins to select suitable equipment for your house. Cheap New World Coins are available on

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