Oil rigs: the central unit in dabbing

With the dangers of smoking now known around the world, more and more people are looking for healthier alternatives to consuming concentrates and herbal blends. The use of vaporizers has therefore increased immensely lately, but apart from that, another method is also enjoying growing popularity – we are talking about dabbing. In fact, the two variants are quite similar, but using a dabbing rig is a bit more complex. Anyone who has ever dabbed and found it pleasant usually also wants to own their own oil mini dab rigs, but most beginners are overwhelmed with the extensive selection.

Terms like “nails”, “domes”, “carb caps” and many other individual parts initially sound strange and the irritated customer doesn’t even know where to go. However, this is not a problem, as with a little preparation this can be avoided. Anyone who knows how an oil pipe works and what purpose the various individual parts serve is already a good step further and can make a decision more easily. Of course, the selection is relatively large and ranges from simple, inexpensive dab rigs to exclusive custom-made rigs with various extras.

The following guide should therefore serve as a support and illuminate all possibilities sufficiently. With the necessary knowledge, the decision for a suitable oil bong can be made much easier.

What is an Oil Rig?

Anyone who has no experience with dabbing and is confronted with an oil pipe for the first time is usually a bit confused at first. Unlike a conventional bond, a dab rig is not intended to burn anything. Instead, it has a so-called nail, which is heated with a torch (butane burner) and onto which the desired concentration is applied (dabbed). As soon as the nail has reached the required temperature, steam is produced for inhalation. The advantage of dabbing is the fact that extracts are heated at a low temperature so that no pollutants are created like smoking. A dab rig is therefore much more suitable than a conventional pipe, especially when used for medical purposes. This enormous effectiveness is only one of many reasons why dabbing is becoming increasingly popular because oil rigs have a few other advantages.

The basic equipment of an oil rig

There are a variety of components for oil pipes, but basically, only three of them are essential: glass vessel, nail, and torch. While the former two are available in sets, the butane burner usually has to be purchased separately, but sometimes complete packages are also offered. Apart from that, however, many users also prefer the use of a “dabber” to apply concentrates.

Some people prefer to own dab rigs with different components and combine them with each other. In this way, it is easy to find out which setup is best for which purpose. Ultimately, of course, personal taste is decisive, but for beginners, it is advisable to start with a simple set.

The different types of nails

Although it seems incidental at first, the question of which nail is best is still debated. This is mainly due to the fact that the nail is ultimately responsible for heating the respective concentrate to the ideal temperature. It is therefore a great advantage for every oil rig to have a nail that heats up quickly and can maintain the heat for a certain period of time. The following is an overview of the different nails and their properties:

Glass: Borosilicate glass is actually quite stable and very good for bongs and pipes, but less suitable for dab rigs. They are very cheap, but unfortunately, break very quickly and therefore have to be changed often. In addition, they are almost unsuitable for dabbing certain concentrates.

Ceramic: is just as fragile as glass, but can hold temperature for longer.

Quartz: Much more stable than glass or ceramic and therefore very suitable for oil bongs. Overheating is almost impossible, but unfortunately, it cannot maintain the ideal temperature for too long.

Titan: Most experienced dabbers prefer Titan Nails for their oil rigs. It is almost indestructible and can store heat for a very long time. The only downside is the risk of overheating which could burn the concentrate. A water diffuser on the dab rig can help.

E-nails: Due to the high purchase price, they have been less in demand so far, but nevertheless they are very powerful. They work on electricity and therefore do not need a torch. In addition, the ideal temperature can easily be set so that overheating is impossible.

Additional tools

If you buy a complete set, you don’t need to worry about accessories at first. However, putting together different components individually can also be a lot of fun and create a great, unique dab rig. No fewer users invest in a variety of dabbing accessories and can boast real collections of oil pipes.

The most popular accessories are metal or glass dabbers and mini bongs. They are available in many different sizes and variations, but ultimately they all serve the same purpose – they make it easier to portion and apply concentrates. However, when making your selection, you must ensure that the dabber and oil rig are compatible with each other. Otherwise, a torch is of course indispensable, but many users make the mistake and buy a Bunsen burner that is much too large and powerful. This is not only counterproductive but also dangerous. For most dab rigs, small torches like the ones we offer in our shop are completely sufficient.

The advantages and disadvantages of an oil rig

Anyone who dabbles out of a decent oil rig is usually enthusiastic about it and wants to repeat it. Ultimately, of course, you need your own oil bong. Theoretically, dab rigs can also be made by you, but the effort and effort involved are great, while the results leave much to be desired.Those who are serious about dabbing have no choice but to invest in a good oil pipe. However, the purchase is worthwhile for several reasons:

Comfort: Everything you need to enjoy first-class dabs is there.

Safety: In contrast to self-made devices, a high-quality oil rig ensures the necessary safety.

Style: As with all water pipes, there are real works of art among the oil bongs that are not only good for dabbing but also a real eye-catcher. Thanks to the diverse selection of components, individual designs can be created.

There are actually no disadvantages at all unless you buy a dab rig or nail of poor quality. In this case, a lot of concentrates would be wasted as it would be impossible to reach an optimal temperature. Any seasoned dabber knows how frustrating it can be when the extract doesn’t get warm enough and doesn’t produce proper vapor, but with a proper oil rig, this is not an issue.

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