Organic advertising on TikTok

In addition to paid advertisements, you can also advertise organically on TikTok just like with other social media. This means that you create content that is distributed without you having to pay for it. TikTok shows your content to people when the algorithm finds that this content is relevant to them.

To do this, you must first create a company account. Then you can take videos and share them with other TikTok users. An organic post can go viral on TikTok no matter how many followers you have. When creating your content, pay attention to a number of things:

  • Make sure you are clear in advance who your target audience is.
  • Look at the topics and content that are popular with the target group you want to reach.
  • Create TikTok videos that match the content posted on TikTok.
  • Above all, make sure that your content looks natural among all other content on TikTok (not a simple sales message, which will most likely receive more negative responses than positive ones). M & Surroundings: BODYBUILDING & SURROUNDINGS: BIB TRAINING pharma mix for sale bodybuilding for hardgainers: manual on training, nutrition and recovery.

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Are you satisfied with the type of content you have created? Does it feel authentic and positive? And does it match what your brand stands for? Then you are ready to post your organic content on TikTok!

Ad types from TikTok

Do you want to place ads in addition to organic TikTok videos? Or do you even only want to place TikTok ads? Then it is important that you know which ad types there are. I’ll discuss the three ad types available below: Brand Takeover, TopView, and In-Feed Ads. Soon there will be two ad types that are more focused on the content. Since they are not yet available in the Netherlands, we will leave them out of consideration for now.

Brand Takeover

These are 3 to 5 second ads that run in full screen. These advertisements consist of an image or a GIF. The user sees the ad immediately and opens the app. As a result, you immediately draw the user’s attention with a Brand Takeover ad. With this ad type you choose a category in which you want your ad to be shown. Then only users who have indicated that they are interested in this will see your ad.  This ad type is suitable if you want more brand awareness or if you want to create more engagement.


As with the Brand Takeover, this ad type immediately grabs the user’s attention. TopView ads run in full screen when users open TikTok, as the first video in the “For You” feed. The duration of this, just like the organic content on TikTok, is a maximum of 60 seconds. These types of advertisements are suitable if you want to create more reach.

In-Feed Ads

In-Feed ads speak for themselves. They appear in your “For You” feed. Unlike the previous two, they are not immediately at the top, but are only seen after a number of TikTok videos. In-Feed ads last up to 15 seconds and appear in full screen. With an In-Feed ad, you ensure that your content is integrated with the content that appears in the users’ “For You” feed. These types of ads are not noticeable and sometimes users do not even notice that they are looking at an ad. This ad type is suitable if you want more brand awareness or if you want to encourage users to take action.

Tips for TikTok Marketing

Tip 1: n eem before you want to advertise on TikTok first take the time to explore the platform. This way you get a good idea of ​​which content is shared on TikTok. And you will find out which content you should create for TikTok marketing.

Tip 2: Ask people in your area who are familiar with TikTok to show you how the platform works.

Tip 3: watch videos on how to advertise on TikTok and how to create, edit and post TikTok videos yourself.

Tip 4: Work with influencers or creators who are familiar with TikTok.

Tip 5: be creative and make sure you stand out with the content you create.

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