Player Unknown’s Battleground (PUBG)

Player Unknown’s Battleground (PUBG) is another game that works with battle royale. In this popular shooting game, 100 people compete against each other on one playing field for survival. Again, there is only one person or one team that can ultimately win. PUBG was developed by PUGB Corp after Brendan Greene, aka Player Unknown, came up with the idea. The game went live in 2017. It was an immediate success: with more than six million downloads within six months, PUBG performed extremely well. You can also online games at mega888.

What is PUBG?

The game takes place on an island, where (similar to the movie series The Hunger Games) you have to collect as much stuff as possible to survive. Think of weapons, food and all kinds of tools that increase your chance of success. Strategy plays a big role. When a player takes out an opponent, he or she gets all of his or her stuff and the chance of survival increases. The fact that the player tries to survive with 99 opponents in one game environment makes PUBG a very exciting game. You never know who is lurking. In addition, the playing field is constantly being made smaller. This way, players will automatically run into each other, until there is only one winner. There are also other winning games at mega888.

What do you need to know about PUBG?

Like Apex Legends, PUBG is also less suitable for young children. The game environment looks very realistic and is experienced that way by many players. PUBG is suitable for young people from 16 years old. It is mainly played by adults and falls in an older age bracket than Fortnite. 

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground is available for Windows, Android, iOS, PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. The game can be played from the first or third person. Many players prefer to play from the eyes of their avatar, although a view from above (in third person) gives a strategic advantage during combat. After all, you can then see more and can also keep an eye on what is happening behind your avatar. You use different (fire) weapons to take out your opponents and ultimately be the only one (team) left. While this of course indicates the use of force, this is not clearly portrayed during the game. Yet it is not suitable for many children because of the suggestions and the look of the game. Other than PUBG there are also other online games which people play on websites like

PUBG also offers in-game purchases. In general, these are small amounts. Cosmetic adjustments can be obtained by removing them from boxes. You have to pay to open these chests. In January 2018, as many as 3.2 million players played PUBG simultaneously. That was a new record on Steam, the platform used by many players to access games. By June 2018, the game had already sold a total of 50 million. That shows how wildly popular PUBG is.