Position forex trading

Position forex trading is the quantity of place that a trader or an individual chooses himself. Position forex trading helps the trader to observe the movement of currency pairs. The position may be long or short.  

Position forex traders have great patience and are greatly involved with the longest-term trading. These trades last for several months to several years, so you’ve to ignore short-term price movements. In this trading, the investors must be highly patient and understand the fundamentals. Only those with thick skin can sustain themselves here because the trading often goes against you. 

Types of trading mostly used by the position forex traders:

Likewise, for other traders, fundamental analysis also plays an important function in positioning investors. 

Moving Averages:

The significant technical indicators for the position trader are 50-day and 200-day moving averages. With these averages, you can get a brief idea of the long-term trends. When both these MAs intersect, they signal a new long-term trend. These are the most famous indicators for the position of investors as they’ll also tell you about the “Death Cross” and “Golden Cross.” It is one of the most vital and used indicators because it identifies which trend is vital for forex. 

S&R Trading:

With this indicator, position traders recognize where the price is headed and where to open or close their trading. Support level and resistance level don’t fall below and break, respectively. These levels hold for several years, and position traders identify these levels by three other factors. The best way to identify the maximum selling or buying price is to identify the Support and resistance. 

Breakout Trading:

Again it is an important factor for the position of forex trading because they give the signal as a new trend starts. Traders open the positions at the early stage using this method. It’ll open the long positions when the price breaks above the resistance or below the support. You’ve to be confident while identifying the periods of resistance and support. 

Pullback Strategy:

It is a small dip or little reversal in the existing trend. It is commonly used in longer-term trends when traders see a brief market dip. This idea is used when you’ll have to make long trades where you buy low and sell high. It is also used when there are short trades where you sell high and buy low. 

Types of position 

There are two types of position trading, which help traders understand which position is suitable. Visit now  this website to get information about the position of forex trading. 

Long position 

When a trader buys a currency, he expects that the value of the currency will increase. Then he holds the currency for long-term duration, and he sells this currency when the price of the currency rises. This long-duration holding is called a long position.  

Short position 

When a trader plans to buy a currency, he expects the value of the currency will fall. Then he decides to buy the currency at a lower rate and will sell it when its price increases. It may be called a short position.   

Pros and Cons of positions forex trading:


  • With less stress and effort, traders can monitor this easily. 
  • A long-term trading style that gives you substantial profits.
  • You’ll get more time for other activities instead of consuming time on labor-intensive trading.
  • It’ll reduce the risks when traders compare it to day trading and swing trading. 
  • With technical and fundamental analysis, lessen the risk.  


  • You have to run your investments for a long time. 
  • There are high risks of losses if the trends go reverse. 
  • Skills are required for analyzing the data and fundamentals of assets. 
  • Having a position for a long time reduces your profit margins. 
  • You’ll get restricted access to the funds. 


Can we make money with position trading?

You can make money with this style because of its favorable market conditions. Besides this, you can recognize the entry and exit points. 

Which strategy is good for position trading?

Various strategies are available for position trading; however, the popular ones are 

  • Resistance trading
  • Range Trading
  • Pullback Trading

Is position trading profitable or not?

We’ll find it more profitable when we compare position trading to others. As we all know, there is no guarantee of success. If the trends go upward continuously, there is a great risk for the reversal of trends, resulting in losses. 


After reading various features, pros and cons of position trading, you’ll get a brief idea about position trading. In trading, every style has weak and strong points, but intelligence and gut feelings also play an important role. You can take position trading, and I’ll also prefer you to start your journey with this style.