Power Shots Are Coming To FIFA 23

Power Shots are a new type of FIFA 23 shots that bring increased power and accuracy and rely on the player’s skill to aim the shot.

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How Power Shots Work in FIFA 23

To begin with, we need to learn how to do the new move. You have to press L1, R1, and O if you are using a PS controller. Those who use an Xbox gamepad have to press LB, RB, and B. A successful power shot depends on more factors than the right button combination. First of all, make sure that the footballer that has the ball has enough space around them. A notable wind up is needed for such a shot. Power shots don’t have the same behavior as default assisted shots. This means that you have to be more careful when aiming. The success of a power shot depends on your aiming skill. Four attributes are taken into account for power shots. Finishing is important when you take the shot from inside the box. For shots outside of the box, the system relies on long shots. Composure and shot power are also attributes that impact power shots. These four stats dictate the speed and aim precision in addition to the accuracy. If you want to improve your power shot, you should invest in these attributes. First-time power shots have an interaction with the composed ball striking feature. This is a new feature that allows footballers to have control of the ball and then do a power shot animation. Composed ball striking is a Hyper Motion 2 feature. It allows footballers to have a smoother transition when the ball has to be controlled. The advanced match capture system paired with the composed ball strike produces some spectacular new animations. The development team created power shots to make the shooting mechanic more skill-based. Players that manage to pull a power shot will be rewarded. Speaking of rewards, the set pieces are more rewarding as well. No matter the players’ skill level, they will find it easier to use this system. Players will have more control over how the ball gets to the target.