Professional cleaning: features and nuances

General cleaning – it seems a little scary if you imagine the whole list of cases related to the total cleaning of premises. This is a really complex process that takes a lot of time and effort. By the way, finances too, because in order to wash old stains and not damage the surface, you will need expensive tools and equipment. But if you call professional cleaners for help, you can solve the problem with maximum benefit for yourself, freeing up time for other, more pleasant things.

We at Hard Rock Cleaning receive dozens of questions every day related to general cleaning. This interest is understandable, because who does not want to have a beautiful, well-groomed apartment or house, making a minimum of effort for cleaning? In this article, we will answer the most common questions and help you learn more about general cleaning.

What is general cleaning?

The question is simple, but very common. We answer. General cleaning is a complete cleaning of all types of surfaces in a room, including ceilings, walls and hard-to-reach places. The main difference between general cleaning and the usual maintenance is the removal of old dirt and local stains. For example:

  • old accumulations of fat on kitchen surfaces (hood, worktop, in the sink);
  • ingrained dirt;
  • lime scale on plumbing fixtures and bathroom walls;
  • accumulation of dirt in hard-to-reach places (in corners, on high furniture, etc.);
  • dust on walls and ceiling.

This is not an exhaustive list, but the main thing you need to know about general cleaning is a large-scale cleaning of all surfaces that will help you achieve perfect cleanliness in the premises.

General cleaning is the most effective type of cleaning that allows you to completely get rid of pollution in the premises.

Why do you need general house cleaning?

In addition to the fact that general cleaning is the key to the cleanliness and visual appeal of the home, the service gives a number of equally important benefits.

Caring for furniture and upholstery. We have already said that general cleaning involves the cleaning of all surfaces, which means that your furniture and coatings will be free from layers of dust and dirt that affect the appearance and service life of products. But there is one more nuance – professional detergents. During general cleaning, cleaners use special products, in accordance with the type of surface. This means that you will save yourself from the risk of spoiling, for example, a laminate by rubbing stains with detergents with an inappropriate composition.

Allergy prevention. With surface cleaning, most of the dust collected in the premises remains.

Accumulating dust particles can cause allergies and discomfort.

It is possible and necessary to fight dust. It is enough to carry out general cleaning once a month and do not forget about maintenance cleaning.

Saving time. How much time do you need to spend on completely cleaning your apartment of dirt? As a rule, general cleaning takes about 10 hours. By inviting specialists, you save yourself from these troubles, free up time for pleasant things and get a perfectly clean apartment.

Cleaning features: what does it include and how long does it take

We at Hard Rock Cleaning make sure that our customers get the best quality service when they turn to us for help. That is why we offer general cleaning, which includes:

  • dedusting of all surfaces;
  • dry and wet cleaning of floor coverings and baseboards;
  • disinfection of bathrooms;
  • cleaning of accessories;
  • washing kitchen facades inside and out (it is necessary to empty the cabinets beforehand)

For more details of professional cleaning services follow this link

Arriving at the site, the specialist carefully assesses the degree of contamination and only after that starts work. Depending on the scope of work and the area of ​​​​the object, general cleaning is carried out from 7 hours. Our cleaners will not leave the facility until the premises are completely cleaned.

General cleaning is taking care of you and your home. Specialists carefully select inventory, detergents and do everything possible to ensure that the premises shine with cleanliness.

When do I need to order a general cleaning?

Depending on the circumstances, there are a number of main reasons to order general cleaning.

  • You haven’t cleaned the house for a long time. If you still can’t get your hands on cleaning and a lot of dust has already accumulated on the surfaces, then we recommend not to delay the general cleaning. Over time, many contaminants become very persistent and cannot be cleaned. And your body suffers every day from a huge amount of dust, most of which you can not see (walls, ceiling, high shelves and furniture).
  • Cleaning required after tenants move out. Supportive cleaning is indispensable here. General cleaning is the best option to completely clean the apartment and prepare it for the arrival of the next tenants.
  • There are pets in the house. In this case, we recommend ordering a general cleaning more often in order to remove traces of the presence of pets (unpleasant smell, wool, paw marks, etc.)

Tips for cleaning your home

General cleaning is a real opportunity to completely transform your home, purify the air and give surfaces an attractive look. To keep the effect of cleaning longer and keep the house clean, we recommend that you follow professional recommendations.

Perform general cleaning at least once a month.

Don’t forget maintenance cleaning to help keep you clean.

Take advantage of additional services. Have you cleaned your furniture for a long time? Or do your windows need cleaning? You can order dry cleaning and window cleaning in addition to general cleaning to achieve perfect cleanliness in your home.

During general cleaning, our specialists vacuum upholstered furniture. If your furniture is too dirty, use the on-site dry cleaning service.

General cleaning by Hard Rock Cleaning

General cleaning made easy by Hard Rock Cleaning. You do not need to spend a lot of time to ensure that the house again shone with cleanliness. Call us and we will help you clean your home from pollution, saving you time and effort.