Scaling in Multiple Industries Has Never Been This Interesting: David Phan Journey

An entrepreneur, business consultant, PR strategist, and musician! What’s more, David Phan is steadily scaling his businesses all at once. It is never easy to grow one business for the majority, but growing several businesses in different industries is something else. David Phan has quite an exciting journey that inspires and touches many hearts.


David Phan grew up hating school as he had dyslexia and studied differently from others. He had to study and work three times harder than every other student as the education system is not structured to support people like him. He took the initiative to enroll in a few programs, which did not work out, thus dropping out. He did not have an idea of a career he would take. He also grew up in a humble home, facing financial struggles, and thus realized the meaning of hard work.

Amidst all these challenges, David was gifted in art, loved the attention, and bringing people together. He understood music from a deeper perspective and thus worked to establish a career out of it. He first scaled his PR and Digital Marketing agency before returning to his very first love, music. He creates creative, relatable, heartfelt, and revolutionized music of the 21st century.

How David Phan Scales His Professions

1. Enthusiasm

David Phan is driven by passion and enthusiasm. He brings out his creative genius to make incredible music and create excellent customized campaigns for clients. From his music, you can tell how much he is engrossed in the songs and how he sings them with passion. He also puts his mind into the songs.

2. Hard work/ Grit

With passion and no effort to work towards something, the passion becomes meaningless. David Phan is hard-working, and his hard-working nature is what scales his passion to greater heights. From the ideas he implements in his songs and businesses, he can make what a listener wants to hear or what a client wants to have. Hard work comes in with research and strengthening one’s skills.

3. Expertise

David has unique and special skills. All his work is pure genius and creative. He never shies away from putting it out there to serve and impact others positively. His latest EP, ”Speak of the Demon,” is a masterpiece of his genius self.

4. Relatable Content

Everyone wants to confide in content or things they can resonate well with. Things that relate to their daily occurrences. That is what David has strived to do in all his endeavors. His listeners can easily relate to his music. He makes effective digital campaigns that easily attract customers to his client’s businesses. This is because he understands the significance of relatable content.

Latest Project

David Phan has just released an EP titled “Speak of the Demon.” It has tracks that include Curves, Game on, So far So great, Around the Bush, Circle of Death, Hit the Road. His songs are available on Apple and Spotify.