Should You Build an SEO Strategy Using Private Blog Networks (PBNs)?


Should You Build an SEO Strategy Using Private Blog Networks (PBNs)?

PBNs – Private Blog Networks, which is a cluster of websites that a webmaster owns for the purpose of increasing other websites’ ranking. If you have ever approached an SEO Company in India for your website’s progress, you may have heard about PBNs.

Most SEO companies prefer PBNs as a part of their online marketing strategy. However, it’s not that tricky to understand the concept of PBNs, but it’s definitely challenging to execute.

Here is the precise introduction of PBNs and how it works in 2021.

Eventually, these PBNs come into the black-hat SEO link building tactics category. Before 2014, PBNs were a powerful tactic, but after people started abusing the trick, Google points it out. Even, Google destroyed a few PBN services and some of the popular platforms too.

The fact is that for PBNs, instead of using subdomains from Bloggers and, you can use expired domains. It will become profitable if you purchase the right expired domains and build networks properly, it will become a powerful asset for your online business. Take a list of traces into the account to avoid getting caught by Google.


Whois Info If you have lots of domains that link to one another and all of them are registered with the same name, it will be considered as PBN. The details of them are not accessible to the public and thus you can purchase Whois protection for extra fees.


IP Address & Hosting If there are more websites on the same IP, they are somehow interconnected. This is the reason shared hosting accounts are too much dangerous. If anyone spams that IP address, you are also there in the list. To keep things safe, you can purchase dedicated IPs for each of the domains.


Company name & contact details There are some countries that require you to post such information if you legitimate your site in any way. This is the part of marketing, so if anyone reports you, there can be chances of a fine.


Formatting, content, design code There can be many websites that simply copy-paste logos and colours from other websites. The platforms and themes that they use in the website are most of the part same.


Email accounts You need to register anything with the same email and you can link everything to your registered email ID, especially if it is your Gmail ID.


Analytics accounts Do you have 10 or more sites under the same Analytics account? If so then you could avoid Google.


Script IDs If you require tracking then you need to separate subscriptions for each of them, otherwise, anyone can easily figure out the connection between two sites.


Location Do you work into the same email account or all PBN sites under the same IP? It is good, you notify Google that you have owned it. Also, you need proxies to keep things clear.


Will PBNs work in 2021 too?

Even after 2014’s conclusions, PBNs still work and they will work as tremendously as backlinks are a ranking factor for Google. This comes into a list that never changes.

Long story short,

Investing time into PBNs to boost your website ranking will surely work in 2021 and upcoming years too. For clear insights, it is necessary to approach SEO professionals for promoting the business on social media platforms. Engage with the potential audiences.

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