Signs That You Are Overwatering Your Cannabis

When growing cannabis,  a lot of growth factors come into play. Factors like providing the proper lighting, setting the temperature that favors the plants grow, and adjusting the humidity levels where the buds would grow to a healthy sticky product. One factor that is very basic but often taken for granted is watering, or to be more specific overwatering of your cannabis plant. it is frequently overlooked when trying to find out the reason for the pitiful unhealthy growth of the plant. Once the plant leaves start to droop and appear to be chlorotic (yellowing of leaves), newbies most often than not try to think it is either a nutrient deficiency or bad lighting conditions, but the actual problem is just under their noses, their plant is overwatered. Overwatering inhibits the cannabis roots proper air circulation in the roots, Oxygen sources are interrupted because of the presence of high levels of water n the soil.

Watering your cannabis plant is a very simple thing to do and it is a commonly overlooked part of growing that beginner pay not much attention to. They usually think that watering is grabbing a pail of water and simply pouring some to “feed” the plant. A deeper understanding of the importance of properly watering and early detection of any sign of overwatering should be part of the new grower’s knowledge.


Cannabis plants just like any other form of living thing need water to continue their life cycle. important minerals and nutrients are present in the water which are used to keep the plant healthy and productive. The nutrients and minerals are absorbed by the plant through its roots helping the plant boost its growth, producing sturdy stems, bright green leaves, and the most important of all, to produce sticky resin-filled potent buds.

Due to the first time growers’ excitement of seeing a cannabis plant grow, the tendency is to feed it with water thinking this will make the plant healthier. plants have a way of speaking to their growers. They manifest signs that they are sick by showing it in the plant itself. Also Mary Janes Garden offers Best Cannabis seeds online.



Often mistaken for nutrient burn, the browning of the edges of the cannabis plants is a typical sign of overwatering. If the tips of the leaves are browning, that is a nutrient deficiency disorder. Having a not too well-draining kind of potting medium could be a cause of this as water is left inside the pot and not properly drained, drowning the roots of the plant.


Overwatering will cause the entire plant to turn a pale green or yellow. It restricts the plant to conduct its normal process of getting food from the soil. This issue occurs because the plant is unable to move water and its nutrients properly. leaves start to manifest the yellowing as the plant cannot get the right amount of nutrients due to overwatering.


the presence of brown spots on the leaves of the plants is also a sign of overwatering. The flow of water inside the soil is stagnated due to not having a well-draining mix, thus the result is that the roots of the cannabis plant could not get the required macro and micronutrients needed for the plant to grow healthy. Thus the discoloration and spots on the leaves of the plant. It is more of a root absorption issue leading to minimal nutrient intake by the plant. Once there is an inadequate supply of nutrients being absorbed by weed dispensary online, the yellowing of leaves, browning of tips, and even browning of the leaf edges will appear as several nutrients are not properly “ingested” by the marijuana plant.


The curling (cupping) of leaves look a lot like your plant is heat stressed. But once the top leaves show signs of curling downward while the yellowing bottom leaves start curling upward, thee are sure signs that your plant is getting way too much water than it needs. This will lead to stunted growth of your plant.


By just looking at the topsoil of your plant, you will know if your plant is overwatered or not. Look for these signs:

  • Formation of green algae in your topsoil – They appear and thrive when your soil is constantly wet
  • Your soil is wet all the time – You never get to see your topsoil dry up. This means you are overwatering and your soil may not be well-draining making the plant waterlogged.
  • Presence of fungus gnats– If the topsoil is staying wet for too long, you may see the presence of black fungus gnats bussing around your plant.

How to Water Plants Perfectly

Simply put. overwatering of plants deprives the roots of the much-needed oxygen that the plant needs to thrive. the presence of too much water may be a cause of several factors: watering al the time bad draining potting medium watering too much absence of drainage holes in the pot

Doing one or having one of these will affect your plant in a bad way. Then you may try to order from online dispensary canada. Roots are unable to absorb the needed oxygen thus causing a domino-like effect on the sufficient health conditions of your plant. Nutrients are not properly distributed, roots will be constantly submerged in the water, the build-up of fungus and growth of fungus, etc. Thus limiting your water feeding, make sure your pots have drainage holes, and ensure that you have a fast and well-draining soil medium, you are now on your way to growing a healthy, disease-free cannabis plant.

METADATA: Overwatering mainly deals with the lack of oxygen given to your plants which subsequently leads to drowning. This can be caused by several reasons such as incorrect containers with no drainage holes or having too large a pot for the plant and practicing the wrong growing methods. This will lead to a very unhealthy growing plant. Leaves will discolor and growth will be stunted. Knowing the proper amount of water to feed to your plants is necessary for maintaining a healthy and productive plant.