Spent a Whole Day Cooking? What To Eat This Weekend

The weekend is here and it is a good time to put away your cooking apron for a while. That’s because weekends are made for fun and good food, but not necessarily for standing over a hot stove. Whether you are watching an exciting sports event or just having fun with friends and family, this is as good a time as any to let someone else do all the food preparation. With fast pizza delivery, the hard part of your day is deciding what to order.

One good way to please a group is with plenty of bacon. The weekend is made for BaconMania and you can get it in many mouth-watering forms:

  • Triple bacon pizza
  • Bacon cheese sticks
  • BBQ chicken bacon pizza
  • Bacon jalapeno popper rolls
  • Smoky bacon parmesan-crusted Papadia

Let’s face it: bacon makes every meal better. Let go this weekend and go a little crazy with bacon.

Of course, not everything has to be all about one popular meat. You can always get classic pizzas that come with cheese and pepperoni or a vegetarian style that includes peppers, mushrooms, onions and tomatoes. It is your weekend and your choice.

Papa John’s Is Here To Cook for You Since You Cooked for Everyone Else

If you’ve just spent the past few days preparing and cooking (and cleaning up) for Thanksgiving, it is time for a break. Getting an after-Thanksgiving meal ready does not have to be a lot of work, and it can be just as rewarding as turkey and cranberries. The advantages of ordering food from your favorite nearby restaurant are numerous:

  • A menu ready to please different tastes
  • The extra time to spend with family
  • The ease of ordering and cleaning up
  • A problem-free delivery system
  • The affordability of pizza and Papadias

A word or two about bacon jalapeno popper pizza rolls. These creations come with cream cheese, hickory-smoked bacon and spicy peppers wrapped in original fresh dough. When you dip them in the dipping sauce, you have a treat worthy of the weekend. Best of all, someone else cooked them while you enjoyed your free time.

How a Delivery Can Save You the Dinner Prep

Even food preparation cuts into your day, so avoid it all with delivery bacon pizza. You will not need to worry about having the right ingredients for your meal and you won’t have to make an extra trip to the grocery store. Everything you need to please your group will come to you in a matter of about fifteen minutes.

Cooking a big meal has its place, and it can bring you lots of enjoyment and satisfaction. There is also a time to relax and let others do the work. Sometimes, making the most of the weekend means ordering out and enjoying some free time. This is especially true when you won’t have to sacrifice good taste and favorite food items.

It is hard to go wrong with pizza, bacon, cheese sticks, drinks, desserts and delivery. Order the food you love this weekend.

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