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Cricket is a popular sport throughout England, and bettors love it. Even if you live somewhere like America, where baseball is the fan-favorite, this game is an excellent way to spice up your wagers and possibly win money on some straightforward odds. 

Before you dip your toes into cricket betting, you’ll need to know the basics of the game and what wagers are available, so read on. If you’re already an expert bettor, check it out here, you’ll find advanced tips and tricks. 

What’s Cricket?

Cricket is an English sport similar to baseball. Legend says shepherds herding their flock created this now widely popular game. The main differences between this sport and baseball include field orientation, bat shape and ball size. 

Additionally, innings and scoring work differently. Cricket has two teams of 11 players. Instead of a pitcher, the person throwing the ball is called the bowler. Like in baseball, the batter hits the ball to score runs. Today, this game has three versions: five-day test matches, Twenty20 (T20), and One-Day International. 

How to Bet on Cricket

Betting on cricket is straightforward, working like any other online sports wager. You’ll need to sign up with a sportsbook, select the odds you want and add them to your bet slip. However, you’ll need to know what types of wagers you can make, which we’ll explain below:

Wagers You Can Place on Cricket

Sportsbooks offer several types of bets on cricket matches, including completed match, match betting, tied match, innings runs, top batsman and top bowler. We’ll explain some of the most popular options below: 

Match Betting

With this straightforward wager, you predict whether the home or away team will win. Alternatively, you can bet on a draw. 

Tied Match

With tied match wagers, you bet on whether or not the game will end in a tie. This option is popular with new bettors because it’s simple. 

Completed Match

Even one-day cricket matches sometimes don’t finish due to outside factors like weather. These bets let you predict whether the game will end as scheduled or not. 

Innings Runs

Typically, Innings Runs is an over/under wager. The sportsbook will post a number of runs for a specific inning, and your job is to predict if the actual outcome will be higher or lower. 


Now that you know all about the most popular cricket wagers, you’re ready to hit the sportsbook. Visit your favorite betting site today and use your new knowledge to become a master bettor!

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