Surfing in Japan- 5 best surfing spots in Japan


Japan is the land of the rising sun that all of us know. But, Japan is also best for surfing as it has the best spots for surfing. When it about to the best surfing spots in the world, surfing in Japan is probably not the first place in your mind. Yet, it would be best if you changed your mind now. The east coast of Japan and the Pacific Ocean clasp each other. And this converts the land of rising into a legal surfing spot. Currently, Japan is one of the best surf spots globally, which is appropriate for all, from novice to amateur surfers.

In fact, many beneficial variables favor Japan that often turns the East Asian Islands into a vivid surfing spot by pumping world-class waves about 355 days a year. There are lots of areas or spots to surf in Japan. But in this article, you can know the five best surfing spots in Japan. And this can help you to select one place and enjoy surfing in Japan.

Top 5 surfing spots in Japan


Okinawa is a synonym for tropical waters and reef breaks. It is an island chain consisting of more than 150 small islands and archipelagos that will provide an Indo surfing experience. In the south of Japan, this island chain situates. Generally, Okinawa is the warmest in Japan for its tropical climate. And this is the reason that is making Okinawa ideal for surfing. The abundance of clear spiritual water and sandy beaches is part of the appeal of the Okinawa region. You can surf in Okinawa year-round, even in the dead of winter also.


Chiba locates on the eastern boundary of Tokyo that offers the best surfing in Japan. Also, along the Pacific Ocean, Chiba provides some 60 km of shoreline. It is well-known for its thundering reef breaks and powerful beach breaks. To several international surf contests, this area is home. And the surfer thanks to its highly rideable surf lines and consistent swells. The best times to surf these spots are between August and October.


Kansai locates in the south-central part of Honshū Island. If you’re looking for a lesser-known surf spot in japan to avoid crowds, Kansai is the perfect spot. Kansai is the ideal place for beginners as it has non-aggressive waves. The ideal time to hit Kansai’s Gobo beach is in summer.


Shikoku Island to the southwest is the best region to surf in Japan. And it is known for its easy access, ideal beach conditions, and surf communities. Shikoku is also suitable for surfing, offering large swells. You can’t enjoy the surfing situation during winter in Shikoku. It is because the temperature drastically drops in winter. Contrariwise, the summer months are too hot. So, the proper time for surfing in Shikoku is towards the summer end and autumn’s early means between June and November.


Hokkaidō situates in the northernmost of the four main islands of Japan. Many visitors visit Hokkaido during the summer means from August to November. During this season, just before or after the storms hit the land, typhoons produce large surfable swells. Uchiura Bay is Hokkaido’s best surfing highlight with its eminent unruffled beach vibe.

What is the perfect season to surf in Japan?

The best season is from September to November to get guaranteed waves. And during this time, you’ll get swell as this season is Japan’s typhoon season.

The winter season has several sound waves from December to April, but the water stays icy.

From May to June is the most adverse season. It is because during these months, seasons have changed, and the waves become pretty turbulent. However, every before and after a storm, you can get a decent swell. So, you need to be there at the proper time.

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