Surrogacy: How much does it cost?

Surrogacy is one of the greatest achievements of humanity. Throughout history infertility has been a common problem throughout the world. Every sixth woman cannot have children for medical reasons, and it is not surprising that more and more families are choosing this type of fertilization.

Advantages of “the rental belly”:

Success level. Surrogacy success rates are quite high thanks to all the accomplishments of IVF and other reproductive technologies. The advantage is that 95% of surrogate mothers who are pregnant in this way continue to carry a fetus.

Hope. For many couples who have tried for years to overcome infertility and have faced many unsuccessful attempts to get pregnant, surrogacy has become an alternative to having a baby. They find fulfillment and hope that their family will be complete. In US, Surrogate California has helped many couples, thus met their expectations.

Experience. Every year the number of experts in the field of reproductive health technologies is increasing. Experienced professionals ensure that future parents are in good hands and that the procedure will be as safe and successful as possible.

Genetic link. Surrogacy gives prospective parents the opportunity to have a genetic relationship with their child, which they could not achieve otherwise.

Legal protection. Lawyers are fairly well oriented in national and international legislation regarding surrogacy. In the early stages of the process, a special contract is established, so that the rights of the alleged parents are established long before the baby is born.

But how much does it cost?

In which countries is it regulated and how much does it cost to be a father or mother by surrogacy?

There are just a dozen countries where it is regulated, but in practice there are six countries that we can travel to. In addition, the investment that families who choose surrogacy must make is high in all cases, but it is very different depending on the country chosen.

Ukraine is one of the countries where couples can become parents through the surrogacy process, but it is not the only one. There are just a dozen countries where it is regulated, but in practice there are 6 countries that we can travel to: Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Greece, the United States and Canada.

In the United Kingdom there are some cases because it is regulated there, but it is only valid for residents. And in Portugal, a law was recently passed that seemed like an open door for foreign couples, but the law has just been overthrown by the Portuguese Constitutional Court.

The United States and Canada are the only countries where all types of families can go, including those made up of homosexuals or single men and women. The rest of the countries require that there be a medical cause that prevents women from having children. And they exclude homosexual couples and single men and women, except Greece. There, single women who biologically cannot be mothers can use this method.

The investment that families who opt for surrogacy must make is high in all cases, but it is very different depending on the country chosen. The most expensive is the United States, since it can exceed 250,000 dollars. The main reason is that healthcare is private and very expensive. Surrogate California is popular there and it’s relatively affordable.

Behind it is Canada, the only one where women by law must do so altruistically. But she is compensated with the money that she can stop earning for the pregnancy and she has to pay her expenses, the lawyers, the fertility clinic. Being a country with a high standard of living, in the end it is around 100,000 dollars.

The cheapest is Ukraine. There the system allows pregnant women to pay about 12,000 dollars. But the rest of the process is less expensive and, in total, families spend around 30,000 dollars.

It turns out that there are many surrogacy options. Which one will you choose?

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