The 4 Reasons AC is Not Cooling According to Aircon Servicing Technician

For most people, an air conditioner (aircon) is an essential household appliance because they create a comfortable environment to sleep in and help the humidity level of a room. Hence, it is bothersome when your aircon is not cooling, leading to an uncomfortable night.

According to aircon servicing technicians, four reasons make your aircon does not perform as expected. Find out the reasons now so you can prevent them from happening in the future.

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Dirty aircon filter

There are air filters inside the indoor unit of your aircon. Its function is to filter the air from dust and unwanted particles that pass through the system. As a result, the air is cleaner and better for people in the room.

After prolonged use, it is common to see air filters become dusty and polluted. Over time, the buildup of dirt and dust can diminish the airflow coming out of your system. That results in an aircon that does not blow cold air.

That is why you have to clean the aircon filter regularly, either by yourself or when it is time for regular aircon servicing.

Malfunctioning remote control or thermostat

Have you ever set your aircon to 22℃, yet the temperature in the room does not feel like that after a while?

That could happen because of a malfunction in your thermostat or remote control. A malfunction raises the possibility of the remote control or thermostat inaccurately sensing the temperature. Thus, the remote control or thermostat sends the incorrect desired air temperature to the aircon.

Some reasons that can cause a malfunction are:

  • A break in an electrical circuit
  • Too much dust inside the aircon, skewing the reading of the thermostat sensor

Broken compressor

Refrigerant plays a vital role in the refrigeration cycle, the science behind the cooling power of an aircon.

The function of a compressor is to manage the flow of the refrigerant (gas) within the system. The refrigerant itself is a substance to facilitate the transfer of heat, absorbing and releasing heat during the cycle. As a result, your AC blows cold air when the air passes through the cold refrigerant.

And what does refrigerant have to do with the compressor? The compressor allows the refrigerant to perform its job.

The prominent role of the compressor is to control pressure within the system, creating pressure differentials, allowing the refrigerant to flow in the cycle.

Since the compressor holds an essential role in the system, most experts will check the compressor whether it is working correctly or not. A broken compressor can significantly affect the cooling power of an aircon.

Refrigerant or gas leak

As previously mentioned, refrigerant is essential in the refrigeration cycle. Warm air is transformed into cold air after blowing over the cold refrigerant. Hence, problems in the systems that can cause refrigerant leaks will make your AC not cooling as expected.

The refrigerant leak itself means it can escape from the system and leaving your system with inadequate refrigerant. An insufficient refrigerant level means it cannot perform to its full potential.

It is best to reach your HVAC professionals from ac repair Las Vegas when this happens because it is dangerous to be handled by nonexperts. HVAC professionals can also perform aircon gas top up to regassing it to the correct amount as instructed by a manufacturer after a leak is confirmed.

Preventing AC is not working efficiently, according to the aircon servicing technician

All in all, the best way to maintain its performance is by taking care of its cleanliness. You can clean the AC filter regularly. Also, perform regular professional aircon servicing. Professional servicing helps to clean your aircon thoroughly while simultaneously checking the components of your aircon.