Top 10 NBA 2K22 Features & Improvements We Should Have

Here’s 10 things related to features and functionality that the 2K Sports could put into the game to make sure that NBA 2K22 is a hit.

1. More Game Testers (No More File Corruptions)

We definitely need more people testing the game before it comes out to reduce foul corruptions and people losing builds. We need to probably reduce the size of The City, if that has to be done in order to make sure that things function properly. After a while moving throughout The City was kind of a drag anyway because you were really slow to skateboard the bikes nothing moved fast enough, so we all started teleporting around basically setting new spawn points just to get around The City. Either reduce the size of The City or give us faster rides that we can get around quicker.

2. Better Endorsements (To Earn More VC in MyCareer)

This was a request from a lot of different people in the community but we need better endorsements to make more VC in MyCareer, eventually it feels like 2K gets really stingy with the VC. Similar the NBA 2K22 MyTeam Points in MyTeam mode, VC is the important currency spent on upgrading your attributes in MyCareer. The better your attributes are, the better your player’s playing potential is. The further you go in your MyCareer, they want you to play 10 games and get 10 consecutive double doubles in order to get an extra thousand VC that it is absolutely ridiculous. If you’re not earning enough VC, you’re not buying a whole lot of gear that you are always advertising and swags and all the different stuff throughout The City, you’re also not making a whole lot of builds.

3. Matchmaking (Got Next For Randoms)

We strongly believe that matchmaking should be the primary feature for multiplayer in NBA 2K. If you make The City smaller and reduce the amount of courts for each affiliation maybe two or three courts, and you just set that up for random games or maybe tournament games people that want to keep playing each other that would be fine for that, but then you had matchmaking with multiple locations for each affiliation. Let’s just say each affiliation had four or five different court environments that you could play in, where you could select to play 1v1 to 5v5, but you still could play in the other environments at the other affiliations especially during rival days. We think that would make things function a lot better, this way waiting on a god next spot would be by choice because you want to run with some randoms or maybe there’s a a team that has challenged you and you want to play them specifically at your affiliation on those god next spots on an open server. But for the primary focus of multiplayer, you would have continuous games matchmaking constantly whether it’s just you wanting to go 1v1 against everybody or 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, 5v5, because the way it is now even if you win games and you get on a streak there’s people that don’t want to play you. This has been a problem since 2K14 and we still haven’t properly addressed this yet. And don’t say 3v3 pro am in the rec center is the fix for that, we all know first of all you get no rep playing in those locations at least for this year’s 2k, and on top of that that same location over and over gets boring, we want more locations.

4. More Locatrions (For Rec & Pro-AM)

We need multiple locations for the rec center, at least if we’re going to keep that feature in the game. If you go the route and go with matchmaking for from 1v1 to 5v5, you won’t have a problem there because you can put a bunch of locations in there, especially since 2K has all of these locations from previous NBA 2Ks; but if not if we have the same rec center again, it’s been the same rec center for the last four NBA 2K’s (2K19, 2K20, Current Gen 2K21 and Next Gen 2K21 as well). Currently the REC center is the best place to wrap up but unfortunately it just gets boring playing that same location for a whole year, trying to rep up to elite or legend.

5. Balanced (My Player Builder)

We need to balance the MyPlayer builder, especially for NBA 2K21 Next Gen. Power forwards were the primary position where you can max out all your badges, for example PGS could only max out finishing shooting and dribbling but they have to sacrifice a lot on defense. We suggested that be the same for all positions maybe you can only really truly max out three categories, but you have to sacrifice a little bit in at least the fourth category, this will allow for more diversity among the builds and some realistic limitations for every position.

6. Balanced (Badges for Every Position)

We also need to balance the badge count for every position people will always gravitate to the position that has the most badges. Currently on Next-Gen. PGS with max layups and dunks only get eight to ten badges, but power forwards with three attributes maxed out and finishing they get like 16 or more badges, and also since the power forward gets quick first step hall of fame and can dribble like point guards it made making a point guard or shooting guard almost useless to make in NBA 2K21 next gen.Read more  mangadex

7. Reduce (The Grind To 99)

Keep the grind to legend but how about reducing the grind to 99? In our experience, people will make more builds and feel less trapped if they make a mistake on a build or even worse if they end up losing or accidentally deleting a bill. Since you don’t want to reduce the price that it costs to make builds, if you just reduce the 99 grind, people are still going to make more builds with limited 2K MT and VC. And it’ll just make the game a lot more fun because you just have a lot more to work with.

8. Different Facescans (For Different Builds)

If you make a Shack build and he looks like Shaq, but you want to switch to your Steph Curry build because you want to run point, but now you’re running around looking like a 6-3 Shack, like why is that the case you shouldn’t have to modify your face scan every single time. We know you are giving us the tools to have our faces in the game by using our cell phones but there’s a lot of people out there that make builds to look like other NBA players, you should be able to have a different facescan for each one of your builds, it’s like that for WWE games where you can customize your character’s face – you have different faces for different builds or different archetypes whatever it is that you make in these different games.

9. Transfer Build (Progress To A New Build)

Here’s an idea how about transfer of bad builds progress to a brand new build –  if you make a bad build that’s a 95 to like a 98 overall did you feel like you could have made them a little bit better and you make a new build you should be able to transfer the progress from that build to the next one, therefore eliminating the previous build, but at least now you don’t feel so bad you was able to transfer it to a better version of the build you were currently making. There’s some of you out there that come out the gate with guards but all your friends are guards and they need somebody to play center, but in a previous 2K you were pretty good at center, so now you have to make a whole new center and start all over,  it’d be so much better if you just got tired of playing guard and you transferred that progress to another build.

10. Future Proof (Add New Locations Quarterly)

We don’t think NBA 2K22 should get worse throughout the year like bad lighting or loss of builds file corruptions,  you want to keep the people coming back how about adding more locations to the game throughout the year. Like we did in NBA 2K16 for rival day, we were competing for actual new locations, not necessarily some artwork on the courts, Obviously, that would work perfectly for matchmaking because you could put out new content and new locations to play for each affiliation throughout the year, that would definitely keep people coming back.

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