The Best WordPress Plugins to Accept Guest Posts


The Best WordPress Plugins to Accept Guest Posts

If you are looking for a WordPress plugin to accept guest posts, you have come to the right place. We have reviewed three of the best, and they are WP User Frontend, Really Simple Guest Post, and Peter’s Collaboration E-mails. Check them out to get started today. There are many advantages to each plugin. Read on to discover which one is right for you. We’ll also cover the importance of selecting the right plugin for your WordPress site.

WordPress plugins for accepting guest posts

Besides the standard author and contact information fields in the WordPress dashboard, you can also install a plugin that will allow visitors to submit posts. The plugin offers featured images and a rich text editor for the post’s content. The plugin also allows users to add tags and URLs for each post, as well as set an author and post URL. It can even redirect users to another page if the visitor chooses.

One such plugin is from MBG, a WordPress resource, and community. It allows users to search for and request guest posts, as well as publish their posts. You will need to have an account with MBG to use this plugin. Once you’ve signed up, click on the WordPress icon and select your blog. You’ll then have to input your unique verification code. After you’ve done this, you’re ready to accept guest posts.

Peter’s Collaboration E-mails

If you’re looking for a simple way to improve communication between you and your guest writers, Peter’s Collaboration E-mails is the perfect plugin for you. It works by sending automatic emails to both parties whenever a post is approved, scheduled, or reverted to a draft. You can keep track of the author’s progress with a list of approvers, and this plugin will notify you whenever your post has been published.

The plugin is separate from the WordPress core. Users of this plugin must be Contributors. Contributors can be added or removed easily, and Peter’s Collaboration E-mails can be used with other plugins to create a chain of emails for your guest posting website. The plugin also features several useful features, including commenting on your guest posts. This plugin is ideal for guest posting sites because it makes it easy to organize and maintain a list of contributors.

Access Press Anonymous Post Pro

Admins of WordPress websites can make the process of submitting a post anonymously easier by using Access Press Anonymous Post Pro. It provides many features, such as setting ghostwriter permissions, blocking unwanted page elements, and more. This free plugin allows website owners to change the status of any post easily. All settings can be accessed from the wp-admin area of the website. This plugin offers many advantages over the default guest posting website plugins.

Ajax captcha validation is included in this frontend 2022 guest posting website plugin. Users can choose a role they’d like to have, which can be Contributor or Subscriber. The Access Press Anonymous Post Pro plugin is compatible with all popular WordPress themes. It features a responsive HTML5 form and support for multi-site installations. Additionally, it supports PayPal integration. This guest posting website plugin works well with many popular WordPress themes, making it a popular choice for many WordPress websites.

Really Simple Guest Post

If you’d like to accept guest posts on your site, you can install the Really Simple Guest Post website plugin. It works like a standard WordPress guest posting plugin, adding a form to pages and posts. You can also submit images and create roles, which will be used for managing the submissions. The plugin uses WP’s rich text editor to manage submissions, and it includes input validation and a hidden field to prevent spam.

Other features of the plugin include an email notification feature. It will send an email to the guest author when their post is published or in draft mode. The plugin also allows the guest author to edit the post after it is published. The notification system is helpful for keeping track of how good the guest post is. This plugin is free, and you can install it on your website. There are several types of settings available for this plugin, so you can choose the one that suits your needs.

Capacity Manager Plugin

With the new Capacity Manager plugin for WordPress, you can add a lot more features to your guest posting website. For example, you can easily limit how many people can post on your site at one time. The plugin also makes it easy for your users to control what privileges they have when they log in. For example, if you want to restrict the number of spam accounts registering on your site, you can enable this plugin.

With this plugin, you can customize the appearance of the registration form, and add custom fields. It has a frontend form and is fully compatible with taxonomies and custom post types. Another feature is its ability to integrate with the Copy cape. Additionally, it allows you to build forms for both guest bloggers and site owners. It also comes with post-management capabilities, advanced field types, and validators.

WP ULike

The WP ULike plugin for WordPress is a great way to allow visitors to like or dislike the content of your website. You can customize the plugin’s like and dislike buttons and even track the statistics. The plugin has four separate tabs, including General, Comment, Posts, and Statistics. You can also disable any plugin files if you wish. The plugin is compatible with most WordPress themes and can be easily installed on your site.


WP ULike also allows you to manage users, edit pages, and assign roles and responsibilities. The plugin also provides advanced security, so you can rest assured that your content is safe. It also offers SEO benefits, which most bloggers conveniently bypass. This plugin offers a high level of security and uses sophisticated technology to prevent malicious code from reaching your site. It also allows you to add notes while editing your pages.

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