The horrific accident of Tom Pryce

Formula 1 is a discipline whose members are quite aware of the risks they face. Of course, the competition has gone a long way in implementing many safety measures. Whenever some Grand Prix is being celebrated, you can visit – try best online betting in Pakistan and win excellent rewards.

Tom Pryce was a Welsh Formula 1 driver who had a brief career between the years 1974 and 1977. His short career ended tragically on the 5th of March 1977, when he was killed during a horrible accident in a practice session.

Yet, Pryce was recognized as a driver with a lot of potential. As such, many people think that he could have won many races. Punters can try their best online betting in Pakistan with the 1xBet bookmaker, which features all Formula 1 events celebrated worldwide.

The only Welshman to be leading a race

Not many people from Wales have participated in Formula 1 during its existence. Pryce participated in 42 races during his career, even achieving a great pole position. He is also the only Welsh national to ever lead part of a Formula 1 Grand Prix. Whenever these events are being celebrated, you can visit and try its incredible wagering opportunities.

While Pryce never won a race, he still had two podium finishes. This was the reason why so many people believed in his potential. During many occasions he seemed to be faster and perform better than some legendary names in this discipline. Even people like James Hunt or Niki Lauda were impressed by Pryce’s performance. The website 1xBet is the best place to wager on great drivers.

A huge tragedy

The 1977 edition of the South African Grand Prix promised to be a huge party for motorsport lovers. There were many names that promised to give an incredible performance, and as such, fans were looking forward to seeing them on the track. Right now, you can 1xBet apk download latest version to your Android gadget, and use it to wager on these fantastic events.

The drivers that were creating the biggest expectations were:

  • James Hnt;
  • Nili Lauda;
  • and Mario Andretti.

Unfortunately, things would take a horrific turn during the practice session for the competition. Things started after Renzo Zorzi’s car caught fire, but he got out of it safely. Two marshals immediately ran with fire extinguishers. When technical problems appear in Formula 1 cars, you can download the latest version of the 1xBet apk and wager on those circumstances.

However, they needed to cross the track to reach him. A Dutch marshal was carrying an extinguisher that weighed 18 kilograms. Pryce was driving fast through the track and was unable to avoid him. The extinguisher hit the Welshman in his head, and both the marshal and the driver died instantly.

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