The luxury casinos of James Bond’s world

The latest James Bond movie, No Time To Die, is currently hogging the headlines as people all around the world flock to their nearest cinema to take in one of the most iconic movie franchises ever created. From the fashion on display to the array of gadgets that Bond uses to gain the upper hand on his rivals, it’s a franchise that has everything. Bond has an affinity with the casino lifestyle, too, playing classic table games as he attempts to save the world from evil.

In fact, Bond apparently learned his card-playing skills during his time as a Commander in the Royal Navy. Not only does his way around a casino table help him to improve his game and win real money in the process, similar to how online casino players can access free spins in the hope of winning big too, but Bond also uses his casino gaming intelligence to exert his power and dominance on his enemies. We have certainly seen many battles won and lost over a card game, with an array of casinos playing an integral role in many of the Bond movies. With that in mind, below is a look at some of the most memorable casinos from over the years.


In the fourth instalment of the movie franchise, namely Thunderball, Bond and his female companion head to the fictional Nassau Casino, which was based in the Bahamas but actually filmed at the world-famous Pinewood Studios in England. The movie, which was released in 1965, involved 007 playing in a high-stakes game against Largo, an eye-patch-wearing villain who eventually succumbed to the skill Bond possesses. From there, the world was saved from nuclear disaster.

Casino Royale

You’d expect casinos to feature prominently in a movie titled Casino Royale and they most definitely did, namely the Casino Royale, which is another fictional land-based casino in a French coastal resort. Featuring one of the longest casino scenes from the entire franchise, Bond almost dies during a tense game of Texas Hold’em before eventually being able to tip the dealer $1 million.


Many peoples’ favourite Bond movie of all time, 007 regularly frequented the Casino de Monte Carlo during his stay in what is a glamorous location. The casino is real too and is particularly popular with the rich and famous who visit Monaco. Originally hosting theatre shows and the likes of opera and ballet, the venue eventually turned into a casino before making it onto our screens in GoldenEye. In the movie, the casino hosts a head-to-head game of Baccarat as Bond takes on Russian agent, Xenia Onatopp. Of course, as you’d expect, Bond comes out on top.

Diamonds Are Forever

A classic movie from 1971, Diamonds Are Forever took place in the casino capital of the world, Las Vegas. Despite the extensive selection of real-life casinos, the movie-makers could have opted for, the memorable casino scenes in the production were actually shot in a fictional venue called Whyte House Casino. Playing the card game of Craps, Bond wins $65K before seducing his glamorous female friend and Bond girl, Plenty O’Toole, eventually sharing $5,000 from the prize pot with her.

Dr. No

The first-ever movie from what is now a truly iconic franchise, with Sean Connery as Bond in this classic production. It’s particularly famous as it’s the first movie in which we heard the infamous “Bond. James Bond” line as 007 enjoys a game of baccarat in the fictional venue of Circle Casino in London. A truly memorable moment from the entire catalogue of Bond films, this 1962 Bond release is a masterpiece.

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