The most famous casino cheaters 


The most famous casino cheaters 

For all of the human races’ good-natured traits, one thing that you cannot get away from is the fact that we all also love to cheat, it just seems to be part of human nature. From sport to board games, relationships to gambling, you won’t find a single aspect of human life that hasn’t been blighted at some point by cheaters, it’s just the way it is, unfortunately. One consolation is that cheaters rarely remain uncaught their whole life, and often get punished eventually! 

In the world of casino gambling, cheaters are particularly dangerous to casinos, because if a casino cheat isn’t found out fairly soon after they start the casino is bound to lose a whole lot of money. As technology and casino security have got more advanced casino cheaters are finding it a lot more difficult, however, in the past casino cheats were incredibly notorious – check out Keep reading for a selection of the most famous casino cheaters.

Tommy Glen Carmichael 

Tommy Glen Carmichael is one of the most famous casino cheaters in the world, a man who used his expertise as a TV repair man to devise a rudimentary method in which he tricked the coin mechanism in slot machines. Using a metal rod he would make the slot machine think a jackpot had been hit, and the slot would release its coin treasure. 

Carmichael was caught during the 80s and imprisoned, however this didn’t stop him from resuming his slot machine cheating antics on his release. This time, however, slot machine technology had developed and he could no longer use his old method. Instead he devised his infamous “monkey paw” device, which enabled him to keep tricking slot machines into paying out money. 

Ron Harris & Reid McNeal 

Back in 1995 a man called Reid McNeal won a pretty handsome $100,000 jackpot in Atlantic City, however casino authorities immediately treated the win with suspicion when the man hardly celebrated at all. After the state officials had to verify the jackpot win before paying it out their investigation took them to a man called Ron Harris, who was a computer programmer employed by the Nevada Gaming Control Board. 

As it tuned out Ron Harris had modified software in certain gambling machines so that a precise sequence of coins would unlock the jackpot. Both he and Ron Harris were caught in the end, and sentenced to several years in prison. It just goes to show that even the most clever cheaters can be caught these days. 

Ida Summers 

Ida Summers was a bit of a 1960s celebrity in Las Vegas, famed for her ability to cheat at casinos using her good looks and charm, as well as a pretty incredible sleight of hand at the same time. 

The savvy cheat would distract dealers and pit bosses with her beautiful looks, and whilst they were distracted she would do things like swap cards at the blackjack table, or even whole decks! In the end Ida Summers was caught, however she got away with probation rather than a prison sentence.

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