The Most Popular Payment Methods For Online Casinos in India

Online casinos are a fast-paced world with money exchanging hands constantly. The Indian online casino market hosts over 35% of India’s internet users, making it one of its largest internet communities. Like every online business, it requires a means to deposit and withdraw funds easily accessible to users.

Here’s a list of some of the popular payment options for India’s online betting community.

Top Payment Methods for India’s Online Casinos

Like every other betting-related industry, the need to offer customers multiple flexible payment options is very important in Casino betting. Here is an overview of the most popular payment options for Casino betting.

Credit Cards

The most commonly used option for online payments is credit/debit cards. Most online casinos accept your VISA or MasterCard card for payments. Other credit card choices are available, including RuPay, Amex, etc.

Card usage is straightforward. When making a payment with your card, you will be redirected to a secure page where you will be asked to fill in some necessary details. You can find out more when you read this guide on rupay casinos.


Netbanking is a readily available option for anyone with an Indian bank account. This method of payment does not require third-party involvement or a complicated process.

When players want to utilize Netbanking for deposits, they simply have to log in to their banking details and approve the transaction. No hassle required.


UPI is an acronym for Unified Payments Interface. It uses a VIrtual Payment Address and a mobile application linked to the user’s bank account to conduct casino betting transactions.
The UPI system is flexible and allows you to link more than one bank account to multiple virtual payment addresses.  And depositing simply requires you to select from whichever wallet you prefer to be debited.


Ewallets are third-party applications that you can use to make payments on different websites. A lot of casino sites accept e-wallets. They act as a middleman that helps to deposit and withdraw cash from betting sites.

The most popular e-wallets in Indian casino betting sites include Neteller, Apple and Google wallets, and Skrill. These third-party wallets charge a commission from the users when they are being used to transact. This is why when choosing one, always opt for a wallet with reasonable service charges,

When it comes to choosing options for payments, there is an endless supply. So always remember to select an easy, fast and accessible choice for your casino bets.