The Perfect Wooden Wardrobe Design With Mirror To Boost The Space Of The Bedroom

A bedroom is a place where an individual spends nearly one-third of his lifetime. It has to be necessarily decluttered and organized to create a stress-free and positive mindset for the person using it.  And for introverts and people who want to be to themselves, it is their personal space or den to sit back and relax. So, it is the central place to drive away all the accumulated stress in a day. One can best accomplish this place to be more spacious and perfect irrespective of the room size by choosing the right wooden wardrobe design with a mirror. This is because the ones with mirrors will create an illusion as though the room is more spacious than its original size.

Criteria To Select The Right Wardrobe To Enhance A Spacious Look

One can change one’s small space into an attractive haven with a little dash of imagination and inspiration. Though it is a challenging task, there are various factors to make the job easy. They are:

  • Type of Wardrobe

This is the primary decision one has to make. It can be either the traditional and common free-standing one or a trendy built-in one. The significant advantage of investing in a free-standing wardrobe is that it is movable from one place to another, and this is very useful while shifting houses and for people who are liable to keep moving always. A built-in or customized one will offer the liberty to the user to choose the material, colour and dimensions of the cupboard.

  • Size of the wardrobe

The wardrobe’s size is a fundamental criterion, and it should fit the space that is allotted for it in the house. An extensive wardrobe will overshadow all the other things in the room and make the room look cramped and overloaded with things. Therefore, an ample wardrobe is always a bad idea, and it is essential to opt for a perfectly sized cabinet that makes space look more prominent with the right style. If the resident wants a simple look and creates a look that makes the room look more spacious than it is, he/she can have a compact wardrobe and hide everything under it. And if the bedroom must look grandeur, carvings on the door with rich handles will be a perfect choice.

  • Style of Wardrobe

There is a wide range of wardrobe types that are available in the market. One has to choose the one based on their wants and requirements. If the house already has a theme, concept or matching colour interior, then he/she should prefer a wardrobe that blends and syncs with the overall home. Or else if any other contrasting pattern or cupboard fascinated the buyer, he/she can be more creative to invest in one that is unique and stands apart from the other. This will eventually give a dashing look and add on a vibrant feel. You will learn more about why do woodpeckers peck wood

  • Accessorized Wardrobe

The wardrobe with additional features like fancy hooks, cabinets and mirrors is called an accessorized wardrobe. They add an aesthetic look and enhance the overall look of the bedroom. Mirrors also save space by eliminating the need for a self-standing mirror in the room, and it is a known fact that mirrors create an illusion to make the room look larger.  And fancy hooks or cabinets also save the room space as they put away most of the things in them.

  • Door Style

There are various types of wardrobe doors like swinging, sliding, and automatic. Swinging doors are ideal ones used by almost everyone as they are more affordable, but they need room for themselves to open and close. The sliding doors are the significant ones to compliment mostly the wide wardrobes, which creates a more spacious look with enough accessible areas around to walk.  Besides these, the automatic door pattern is another type of style to save room space. Automatic doors create a sophisticated look to the entire area.

  • Storage Capacity

The storage capacity and features in each wooden wardrobe vary from one to another. Depending on an individual’s storage needs, the cabinet can either have a hanging space or multiple drawers. If a person has more things to accommodate in a wardrobe with more formal attire, then a wardrobe with hangers is the best choice. If the individual has many accessories, opt for ones with more drawers like the plaid 4 door wardrobe.

Tips To Make A Small Bedroom Look Big With The A Plaid 4 Door Wardrobe

1. Wardrobe Colour:

A plaid 4 door wardrobe is made of a Columbian walnut colour that will create a broader room effect and make even a small-sized room look bigger. Besides these colours like white, light grey and beige are the best colours for a small bedroom as the light, and neutral tones will give an illusion of a big room.

2. Dimensions and storage capacity:

A plaid 4 door wardrobe is more expansive and has dimensions that are 71.5 inches x 63 inches x 20.75 inches with 3 big shelves, 6 smaller shelves, 4 drawers and 1 locker drawer. It also has a 30-inch iron hanger rod and sturdy but smaller handles for the doors. All these aspects make the whole wardrobe look compact, and when fitted perfectly against the wall, it will make the room look more prominent in size than its original area. Check out this Mill Creek Conway SC, to get more information.

Final Words

One can design a wooden wardrobe for a bedroom as per one’s dreams with creativity. The perfect wardrobe is a part of an interior design, and decorating cabinets is an art. It has to be designed or customized with the necessary accessories as per the requirements and should be selected taking into consideration all the above points to make the bedroom look more expansive in size. Besides these, one can also make the small bedroom look more spacious and luxurious by incorporating one’s imaginative skills and innovative new ideas. Wakefit offers a wide variety of such wardrobes of different sizes and styles to match your bedroom, and some of them are organza 4 door wardrobe, tartan 2 door wardrobe and tartan 3 door wardrobe with drawers beside the plaid 4 door wardrobe.

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