The Professionals You Need to Hire for a House Build Project 


There are many different professionals involved in the process of building a house. They all have important roles and often work together as a team to complete a build dependent on the clients needs. If you are thinking of building your own house, consider hiring the following professionals. 

Designers Architects 

One of the first jobs involved in building a house is creating building plans. You need to design what you want in your house, how big you want it, the materials you wish to use and more. Hiring an architect at this stage will help you understand what you can and cannot do in the design process and work with you to make a workable design. Of course, if you already have experience in architectural work, you could do this stage yourself.

Quantity Surveyor 

Another relevant professional you should consider hiring is a Quantity Surveyor. These professionals manage the costs associated with the building project, they will estimate how much it will cost, and ensure it will remain in budget. Moreover, they will help you create a house with the best value for money. Due to their importance and expertise working on construction projects, quantity surveying professionals earn a high salary. 

These professionals will work in the initial stages and throughout the project. 


One of the most important professionals who you will need to hire is the actual contractors who will build your house. This may be bricklayers, roof layers, plasterers, painters etc. You could choose to do some of this work yourself, but you will need experience. It is likely that the cheapest way to hire professionals would be from a construction company who would provide you with all the relevant professionals to carry out the works. If you want to keep the costs down, you could decide to take a bricklaying course and get involved. Another way to keep the costs of your project down is to hire a company like I AM Builders that offers construction takeoff services


Of course, you will need a plumber to install water pipes into the property, sinks, and drainage systems. Make sure you hire a great plumber so that there are no issues later down the line. These professionals will usually come part-way through the entire building process. 

Electrical Engineers

For our electrical needs in our houses, we also need an electrical engineer. These professionals will need to be hired, doing this yourself would not be an option unless you were qualified as an electrical engineer. This is for the safety of you, and the houses around you. Moreover, these professionals will work throughout the building process, adding editions when the structure of the house comes together. However, the bulk of their work will be done in the framing stages before any of the plaster work comes together. 

Landscapers or Interior Designers

Once the building process is done, you may want some help from an interior designer for the aesthetic elements of your house. Hiring these professionals will allow you to plan out the colour of your walls, the materials used for the flooring and the items you put in your house such as chairs and lighting. 

Once you have completed the house, you may want to hire a landscaper to help you design the exterior of your house, such as your garden space. 

Final Thoughts

This article has shown that there are many different people involved in building a house and therefore, it can be a very long process. However, this process can be made easier if you ensure that you hire reliable professionals. Perhaps the professionals listed in this article will help you choose who you need for your house project. 

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