Tips for increasing views on your YouTube channel 


Creators are earning thousands of dollars from YouTube, creators all over the world are trying their luck on this platform. Creators at times buy cheap YouTube views at the start for growing their channel. Make sure that you buy real YouTube views from reputable platforms. However, don’t rely on buying views only, creators should use organic methods as well for the growth of their YouTube channel. We are going to discuss some useful information for increasing views on your channel.

Understand your competitors 

Before posting content on your channel, you need to understand what your competitors are posting on their channel. You also need to study your audience and make sure that videos are as per their previous watch history. Getting ideas from your competitors is a good idea but that does not mean that you start copying their content. If your videos are getting high views, YouTube will also recommend your videos to the potential audience. In short, if your content is powerful, youtube thumbnail maker will also promote it and eventually help you rank the content. 

Thumbnails of the videos 

The audience usually gets an idea about the videos after watching the thumbnails of the videos, make sure that the thumbnails of the videos are attractive but never try to mislead the viewers through the thumbnails of the videos. The colors used in the thumbnails of the videos should be bright to attract viewers.

Make playlists of the videos 

If you are making a series of videos on the same topics, you should make playlists of those videos. This will help you in increasing the views of your videos. When one video ends, the playlist would automatically play the next video and eventually increase the views on your videos. You can also discuss the topic of your next video at the end of your video. You can add videos of other channels as well in the playlists.

Use cards and end screen in the videos 

You can also use cards and end screen in the videos. This helps in directing the viewers towards the relative content of your channel. It is generally thought that the use of cards and end screens allow creators to bypass the algorithm of YouTube and recommend videos to the users on their own. Never add the cards to the places where they can annoy the viewers, they should not affect the visuals of the video in which they are added.

YouTube is the best platform for the creators in the world, the competition on YouTube is very high therefore it is very difficult for the creators to get views and subscribers on this platform. However, if you are consistent, you will eventually see an increase in the video views and the subscribers as well on this platform. Research is important before you post content on the channel, it is also important to make sure that you follow the terms and conditions and YouTube and never hurt the sentiments of your viewers, make sure that you reply to the comments on your videos.

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