Tips & Tricks From Instagram To Switch SIM Card To New Phone

Have you bought a new smartphone? It is an essential tool to connect with your family or friends, even at a distance. Whether Android or iPhone, SIM cards are the carrier network that makes the phone work. If you like to use a SIM card that’s carrier is different from the existing one, then make sure that your phone should be carrier unlocked. Switching the SIM card to your new phone is easy, but you need to consider a few things to stay safe.

To educate people, more technical enthusiasts share the tips and tricks on Instagram about switching SIM cards easily and safely. At the same time, to reach more users, they buy instagram story views to enhance their content visibility and engagement. However, by sharing valuable technical information, they are raising their popularity. Here, let’s overview this article to explore effective Instagram tips to switch SIM cards to new phones.

Determine Your Phone Is Unlocked

Some smartphones are designed to be ‘carrier-locked.’ It states that they cannot be used with the other carrier’s SIM cards. So, while purchasing the phone, make sure it supports all carrier SIM cards. Without the proper knowledge, if you bought a carrier-locked smartphone. Don’t worry! There is a solution for all. If your Android or iPhone meets carrier criteria, you can unlock it.

Get A New SIM Card

If you sign up for the service provider you want, you will get the SIM card for their service. You can get the card at the carrier’s store, or if you sign up online, it will be sent to your given address.

  • SIM card size varies upon the phone, so check out the SIM card that suits your phone before buying.
  • If you are not sure about the SIM card size, then take your smartphone to the carrier store to get the right one, where they also install it immediately.

Activate Your Phone

If you want to insert the SIM, the first step is that you need to make sure to activate your phone. To begin the activation process, fully charge your new phone and thoroughly read instructions on your phone’s manual on how to insert a SIM card. Follow the instructions. If it is an Android, switch off your phone by pressing and holding the power button. And for an iPhone, press and hold the volume button till the power slider appears, then pull the slider to turn off the iPhone. Then, remove the phone’s case to find the SIM tray.

Insert your SIM card and start to switch on the phone. Moreover, some people have doubts about transferring their contacts from the old phone to the new phone. So, if you want to help them, create content in an easy-to-understand way and share it on the platform. Further, for a broader reach, try Buyrealgramviews to increase visibility and educate as many people as possible. However, it will be more helpful information that more users will watch, and it would be beneficial for them to switch SIM to the new phone.

Switch SIM Cards On An Android Phone

Android phones are arriving in various models, and more manufacturers are designing the SIM card slots in multiple locations. So, research your phone’s model to find the SIM slot.

  • Is your Android phone having a back panel or removable battery? If yes, then the SIM slot is located under the battery.
  • In case your Android doesn’t have a backplate or removable battery? Then, the removable SIM tray is located on the phone’s sides. There is a hollow hole on the side. Inject the pin and press it to eject the tray. The SIM tray is a few millimeters wide so handle it very carefully.

Switch SIM Cards On An iPhone or iPad

The iPhone is different from Android, but the few designs are similar. Depending on the iPhone models, the SIM tray is found on the right or left side,

SIM Card Insertion Process For Both Android or iPhone

For both, the process of inserting SIM is similar. Here let’s have a look at it.

  • Eject Your SIM Tray

If you have a SIM tray on the exterior side of the phone, insert a SIM removal tool, needle, bent paperclip, or any thin object into the home. Then push it to pop out the tray.

  • Place Your New SIM

If you have ejected the tray, insert your new SIM card where the angled edge should be in the upper-right corner of the tray.

  • Insert SIM Tray Back Into Your Phone

If you have placed the SIM card in the tray, insert it carefully and ensure it is level with the phone’s body.

For some Android phones, the SIM tray is below the battery. So, place it below the battery and then close the battery cover.

  • Turn On Your Android/iPhone

Switch on your phone and set a SIM PIN to use your phone on the carrier network.

Final Takeaway

I hope you understand how to switch your new SIM card on Android and iPhone. However, before inserting the SIM card, read your phone’s manual and follow the steps carefully to insert the SIM easily. If you have bought the newly launched phone and if its SIM insertion is different, take videos and share it on the platform with Buyrealgramviews, which will increase the visibility of your content and make it go viral.

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