Top 4 AED Brands of Different Levels to Review in 2021

Sudden cardiac arrest is seen as a significant public health problem in the world. Improving the survival rate of cardiac arrest outside the hospital has been the research topic of medical institutions and organizations. It turns out that the initial use of defibrillators is crucial to improve the survival rate of patients with cardiac arrest. The emergency medical system reckons the use of an automatic external defibrillator (AED) an essential part of itself, and the latest development of AED technology has expanded the use of AED equipment to non-traditional emergency personnel and ordinary people. In this case, AED equipment is popular in many organizations to provide security measures for their employees and customers. It’s also possible to get CPR/AED certification to make sure you know how to administer help if necessary.

Getting the best AED equipment that works best for your organization is critical since there are a bunch of AED companies in the market. The top 4 AED brands are selected in this article for comparison, and you can choose the most suitable AED device for your organizations according to your budgets and needs. 

  • Mindray

Mindray is one of the world’s leading AED manufacturing companies, committed to the development, and sharing of medical technology to provide better care for more people around the world. Mindray BeneHeart C series AED has been widely used all over the world and successfully restored the heart rate of patients with cardiac arrest.

  • Animation guidance: In addition to the necessary function of voice prompts, animation guidance as an effective auxiliary tool is provided to gradually guide the inexperienced rescuer during the intense rescue process because Mindray understands the needs of the first rescue workers.
  • Faster shock: Mindray AED can deliver the first AED shock in less than 8 seconds and help rescuers save every second to save lives. Its QShock technology can shorten the ECG analysis time to only 5 seconds and complete the pre-charging simultaneously, so there is no need for additional time to charge, which can save a lot of critical time during the resuscitation process.
  • Durability: Mindray AED has a 1.5m drop bearing capacity, and the dust and waterproof grade reaches IP55. There is no doubt that it is the best AED to cope with various challenges in harsh environments. In addition, Mindray’s AED supports up to 5-year cycle battery and AED replacement pads. The AED price is much friendlier for its clients, which saves the maintenance cost of AED equipment. 
  • Remote management system: with the help of a flexible network connection solution, the cloud based AED-Alert system of Mindray provides a fast and effective way to manage AEDs remotely and dramatically reduce the management cost.
  • Easy-to-use trainer: Mindray provides easy-to-use trainer kit for both D1 series AED and C series AED. The trainer shares the same design and workflow as the real AEDs. In addition, several scenarios and conditions are built inside to help simulate multiple conditions.  
  • Philips 

Philips launched its first AED (ForeRunner Series) in 1996. According to different application scenarios, Philips has launched different AED packages. If you want to buy AEDs for public or commercial use, the friendly budget and compact size make the Philips HeartStart business package one of your options.

  • Voice prompt: Philips AED will guide you to successfully rescue victims of sudden cardiac arrest with step-by-step voice prompts. It will not conduct the AED shock automatically but a button to press by the rescuers after detecting a heart rhythm that needs an electric shock.
  • Can be used for training: An integrated adult AED SMART pad is equipped to provide feedback to the defibrillator so that it is available for the adjustment of voice commands to your pace. In order to give you confidence in your ability, Philips also provides a similar trainer kit for users to help in AED training courses.
  • Self-test: Philips AED performs a self-test once a day. An extensive automatic self-test eliminates the need for any manual calibration. In addition, as long as the battery is installed in the device, the battery insertion test will run automatically, thus reducing the cost of manual maintenance.
  • Suitable for adults and children: Philips AED is available for both adults and children, but infant/child pads are sold separately and can only be purchased by prescription.
  • Cardiac Science

Like Philips AED, Cardiac science AED is very popular for training due to its compact size and intuitive interface. Cardiac Science Corp. Powerheart G5 AED is recommended for use at home by the UK edition of the Heart Science website.

  • Voice and text instructions: Also, Cardiac Science AED has voice guidance and a text screen to prompt and guide you. In addition, it also displays essential rescue information for trained doctors when they arrive at the scene.
  • Multilingual settings: Cardiac Science AED supports multiple languages, including English, French and Spanish.
  • Self-test: Cardiac Science AED equipment can be set up by itself to conduct self-inspection according to daily, weekly and monthly schedules. The battery has a 4-year guarantee for complete operation and replacement, while the AED unit has an 8-year guarantee. 
  • ZOLL AED Plus

ZOLL AED plus is a high-performance and easy-to-use defibrillator suitable for beginners because it is a fully automatic AED to automatically conduct the AED shock when the shocking rhythm is detected through the machine.

  • Real-time feedback: ZOLL AED plus provides real-time feedback in compression ratio and depth to guide you in CPR through its pads. For example, the AED device confidently tells you when the compression is good or when you need to press harder or faster. However, due to the sensor integrated in pads, the size of which is fixed and might be unfriendly to those oversized patients.
  • Warranty: The warranty period of batteries and AED replacement pads provided by ZOLL is five years instead of the standard 4 and 2 years. Besides, there may be potential risks to replace batteries of ZOLL AED plus in an emergency as it uses ten single lithium batteries.


These are the top 4 AED brands we take on the market after comparison. In order to choose the best AED for your location, it is necessary to check all the functions, advantages, and details of each AED company. If you want to order one or more automated external defibrillators for your organizations, the AED brands mentioned above are all the ideal options available for you in the market.

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