Top 5 Leading Pest Control in Gauteng in 2021


Pest control is the method of killing the harmful and disease-causing pests and reducing their growth so that the atmosphere can be pest-free. It may or may not include the usage of drugs for preventing the infestation of such organisms and the destruction that they might cause. Pests bring diseases that can be harmful to you and your family. Some transfer them by biting or tingling while others pick up and carry disease-causing fungi and bacteria. They simply spoil surfaces with their body parts, hairs and excreta.

Pest control is necessary because:

  • Pests spread diseases
  • Pests damage your belongings
  • Pests contaminate food
  • Pests destroy your home
  • Pests raise stress levels

Some germs also create structural damage, such as wood-boring pests like carpenter ants, termites and powder post beetles.

The most often used method is forming an emergency barrier between the insect and the plant. This is closely linked to the physical pest control system which attacks and removes the pests and thus stops their spreading and further damage to the plant. The key to protecting assets from these critical species is eliminating anything that would lead to increasing the pests.

There is a traditional method for pest control is known as field burning. After the harvest, the entire area is heated to kill any harmful species including eggs that may have been left. This type of pest control will definitely refine your field to the core.

There are several service providing companies in Johannesburg who offer services not only pest control assistance but also several other services. Like pest control, you can choose the highest standard of sanitation and cleaning service. Whether you desire to hire a commercial cleaning service or domestic cleaning service, It will give you the best solution for the same at more affordable rates. Apart from giving you the best service in your city, there are also companies who give quality disinfecting services in all over Johannesburg. Whether you require sanitization of your office, home or shop. You will always get the best quality disinfecting and sanitization services at affordable prices.

Top 5 Pest Control in Gauteng

JT Solutions: JT Solution is a family owned and managed Business that has been successfully since 2008. JT Solution has been providing quality Pest Control in Johannesburg for both domestic and commercial clients in entire Gauteng province.


Rating: 5 Star

JT Fumigators: JT Fumigators are South Africa’s leading pest eradication experts offering long lasting results for both home and commercial pest control in Johannesburg and entire Gauteng province at very controlled price.


Rating: 5 Star

Fumigation SA: Fumigation SA is a high-quality and professional group based on a team of experts, quality assurance program, and universal documentation of findings and service, all of which guarantees best pest control in Johannesburg and entire Gauteng province that meets high-quality standards and norms.


Rating: 5 Star

Eco Fumigation: Eco Fumigation offers high quality Pest Control in Johannesburg that deals with all minor and major level of rodent, moles, pest exterminations. They are well trained to find evidence of rodent activity. This could be anything from burrows to smear marks or droppings. So, if you really want an effective solution then you can consult Eco Fumigation for your fumigation requirements.


Rating: 5 Star

Eco Pest Control: Choose the best and pay less with They offer a wide range of services from home visits, to commercial and agricultural customers. They have a falconry team who primary deal with farms, caravan parks and other rural areas. So if you are also looking for economical pest control in Johannesburg or entire Gauteng province then just connect with them.


Rating: 5 Star

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