Top 7 Magento 2 Migration Companies – 2020 Reviews

The trend of moving to Magento 2 has been widespread in the Magento community recently. It is because this platform surpasses Magento 1 in many aspects. More significantly, the representatives of Magento have announced that they will no longer support the old version. So now, it is a must to migrate to this new platform. But to upgrade successfully, it is necessary to hire reliable Magento 2 migration companies.

As you might know, numerous service providers support the process of converting Magento 1 to 2 these days. Therefore, it would be hard to choose one whose service can really satisfy merchants.

If you are still looking for a Magento 2 migration agency, here are our suggestions. They are doing such a great job in their field.


Suggested Criteria When Choosing A Magento Migration Company

  • Experience
  • Support
  • Proposal
  • Price
  • Successful Projects

7 Outstanding Magento 2 Migration Companies

Suggested Criteria When Choosing A Magento Migration Company

It is important to find out about a company before you decide to hire it. When you want to migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2, it is essential to look for a trustworthy service provider.

With this provider, your migration process will occur smoothly, and you are certainly not wasting your budget.

So, to avoid choosing an agency randomly, the followings are five standards that you should consider before making your decision.


The first question that may come to your mind when finding a Magento 2 migration service provider is, “Are they experts in this field?”.

There are many different aspects of Magento service, and migration is only one of them. Some companies are well-known for supplying extensions; some are famous for providing themes, while others specialize in migrating to Magento 2.

Therefore, you have to consider carefully, then decide which agency will meet all of your requirements.

To make that decision, you should view their profile to see how long they have worked in this field. Their experience will show the agency’s position in comparison with its rivals.


Another matter that you should consider is their support before and after the Magento 1 to 2 migration process.

Some companies will provide you with three to six months of free support. At the same time, some others may require you to pay a high cost for their support after the process is completed.

A high-ranked or reliable agency will give you advice, and they are willing to fix any error whenever a problem comes up. This way, they can build a stronger relationship with their customers.

Therefore, it is important to think about the benefits that you will gain before choosing the right Magento 2 migration company.


The project developer should give you a comprehensive proposal after discussing your project requirements.

There must be a specific plan for each stage, from theme migration to configuration, with its estimated fee and development time.

The Magento migration cost depends greatly on the duration of your project. Unless your budget is flexible, look for small or medium Magento 2 migration companies. That is because you can neither force the developer to finish it faster nor skip any step.


There is no standard price for a specific migration to Magento 2 procedure. The cost depends on the complexity of coding and even the agency that you are going to hire.

No matter how big or small your business is, it is essential to find a company that offers a suitable price. That price should fit your budget, and the service you’ll receive should be proportional to the fee that you pay.

As a reliable migration company will give you a proper timeline, they will definitely be transparent in billing. There should be no surprising extra fees or add-ons throughout your collaboration. This way, you can prepare an adequate amount of money for your project.

Successful Projects

To see whether a service provider is an expert in Magento migration or not, you can look at the projects they made.

The number of successful projects that a company carried out can prove its staff’s ability and qualification. They are also a means to gain more trust from new customers.

Hence, to ensure your Magento migration’s success, an agency with excellent accomplishments is a great choice.

7 Outstanding Magento 2 Migration Companies

As mentioned, choosing the right service provider has a significant impact on your migrating process’s success. Here are 7 amazing Magento migration companies that may fulfill your needs.


Tigren is an e-commerce development company that was established in 2012. Over the last 8 years, this agency has successfully carried out various projects, most of which are associated with Magento website design and development.

Since the release of Magento 2 in 2015, Tigren has provided Magento migration services to many business partners. They have helped many merchants to upgrade their websites from Magento 1 to Magento 2.

Tigren is now providing two types of Magento migration packages: the standard and the custom. The cost of them is really reasonable, only from $2,500.

What distinguishes Tigren from other service providers is the duration of their support. The company will offer 6 to 12 months of free support while others only support their customers up to 3 months after finishing every step of the process.


With several Magento certifications and experience in working with leading companies, Magenest will provide you with quality migration services. For every project, the agency will show its customers detailed plans suitable for different types of online stores.

Magenest also guarantees the security of your store’s data and offer 3-month free support after migration. What’s more interesting about this company is that they will give you a free data migration tool.


With its rich experience in IT, e-commerce, ScienceSoft is a reliable solution partner of both Adobe and Magento. They have helped many merchants to upgrade their website with a higher quality of code, performance, and user experience.

As an IT-based company, ScienceSoft promises a fast and smooth migration and offers from discovery to after-migration support.


Over the last 9 years in Magento, Meetanshi has successfully upgraded more than 200 stores thanks to its certified Magento developers.

Providing the service with almost zero downtime ensures that the migration process will not affect current store sales.

Additionally, to ensure the customers receive the best service, Meetanshi offers a 6-month warranty to fix any error after completing the migration process.


Founded in 2008, MageWorx is one of the first companies that provide migration services for Magento merchants. To them, careful planning and analysis are the keys to the success of one project.

With all experience they have gained, Mageworx will bring you the best solution to your migration to Magento 2, consisting of 4 steps: database migration, migrating custom-built functionality, design migration, and migrating advanced SEO settings.


Having over 7 years of experience in Magento development, MageAnts has managed to migrate over 50 websites to Magento 2. Now, the company is the official partner of this platform and a distinctive extension builder.

Working with MageAnts, you will never worry about any extra fee as they will give you the exact cost estimations. They are also willing to show you a thorough schedule. Therefore, you will never lose track of any stage.

During the implementation, a specialist will give you advice on extensions and integration so that you can optimize the most from your new websites.


Founded in 2014, MageComp is among the leading agencies that provide Magento extensions, services, and customization. There are over 600 projects that they have conducted and more than 20,000 clients from over 160 countries that they have worked with.

In the Magento migration service, the company’s certified professionals have contributed to upgrading 250+ stores. Working with MageComp, you will gain many benefits, such as getting a free Magento store audit and 3 months’ priority support.


Magento 2 migration has now become an inevitable trend. Every merchant should implement this process as soon as possible; their business will be badly affected.

It’s time for you to choose one agency among numerous Magento 2 migration companies.

The seven agencies mentioned above are some of the best service providers available these days. Consider them carefully with five factors suggested, and then you can pick the most suitable one.

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