Top Things You Need to Know About the SPC Flooring Production Line

Have you ever heard of the SPC Flooring production line? If you are linked with the construction industry somehow, you might have heard about SPC flooring. Stands for Stone Plastic Composite, SPC is a new type of building material getting popular among people worldwide. Easy installation, anti-slip layer, budget-friendly, and environment-friendly design make it a top-choice in flooring materials.

However, good material cannot be made without a reliable machine. The SPC flooring production line has come into being in the market. It wins appreciation worldwide with the outstanding features of easy operation, cost-effectiveness, high productivity, and stable performance.

For a better understanding of the SPC flooring production line, here this article is going to discuss its process, structures, applications, and benefits with a brief description:

Structures Of The SPC Flooring Production Line

Before introducing the SPC flooring production, let’s figure out the structure of the SPC flooring first. There are usually four layers of it depending upon the nature and material of the floor. They are: 

  • UV protection layer
  • Wear layer
  • Printed film
  • SPC core
  • Anti-slippery underlayment

Depending on the layers of SPC flooring, the SPC flooring production line has a corresponding structure. There are the following structural layers that are found in an SPC flooring production line:

  • The extruder
  • T-die
  • Calender
  • Traction machine 
  • Cutting machine
  • Automatic fipping &stacker system


Process Of The SPC Flooring Production Line

SPC flooring production line has the following procedure:

1. Mixing 

The first step is the mixing of all the ingredients. For this purpose, an automatic mixing machine is used. This is because, in large-scale production, it is difficult to measure and mix all the materials manually. In the mixer, a temperature of 125 to 135 degrees Celsius is applied to remove water vapors.

2. Extrusion 

After mixing, materials are passed through five zones of the extrusion process. Temperature is appropriately controlled so that material is plasticized evenly. The temperature is very high in the first two zones and drops slowly in the following three zones. For extrusion, specific apparatus like a twin-screw extruder machine is used.

3. Calendering

After plasticization, an even sheet is extruded through a die. When a particular thickness is achieved by heated rollers, a designed texture is embossed over with a roller. After that, the end product is sent to the next link of the tractor.

4. Tractor 

A tractor is used for this step that is directly connected with the motor. Frequency is controlled accurately during the whole phase. The engine provides the necessary speed to the drawer and helps to move the product to the next machine named cutter.More info Click here 7starhd

5. Cutter

Here the product is cut according to standard size and measurements. The cutter is attached with a photoelectric switch that ensures a clean and even cut of the tracted material. The control is sensitive enough to analyze even minor size changes. After that, the final product moves towards the stacker for finishing.

Merits Of The SPC Flooring Production Line

SPC flooring production line is mainly used to produce SPC flooring. Here are some top benefits of the SPC flooring production line you must know about:

  • Uncomplicated Operation

The SPC flooring production line is straightforward to operate. It is worth mentioning that the product from Boyu, a capable SPC production line supplier, provides you with the machine with the intelligent electronic control system. With the help of it, the machine can be easily operated.  

  • Stable performance

It is very resistant to wear and abrasion. The product from Boyu has the merits of stable performance and a low failure rate. Due to these properties, it can work well for many years without requiring significant maintenance.

  • High productivity

The high productivity and power-saving design of SPC flooring make it user-friendly for you. These merits can also be seen in Boyu. With the SPC Flooring production line from Boyu, you can easily get more SPC flooring by using lower power. Visit the site tamilmv



As an expert who is committed to producing less expensive design, wear-resistant, and anti-slip SPC flooring, the SPC flooring machine will never discourage you. Not only that, you cannot ignore the various goodness the machine brings to you. With the SPC flooring production line, your process will be much easier and high production to some extent. 

Are you looking to invest in an SPC flooring production line? It’s time to tell you about Boyu, a trustworthy name in the plastic floor equipment industry. Boyu has provided high-quality products, sales, and after-sales services to its customers for the last two decades. Being an expert PVC and SPC flooring production line and twin screw extruder machine, the products by Boyu are energy-saving, user plus environmentally-friendly and innovative. If you are searching for a reliable and the best SPC production line supplier for you, Boyu will be a perfect choice for you. click here comments On Instagram

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