Trip to Ladakh with my Friends by Thrillophilia

For many people, Ladakh is a dream vacation spot, but for me, it was a place I wanted to visit. A place that excited me so much that I decided to save holidays for my trip and didn’t miss a day of work. I started setting up money, looked online for inexpensive Ladakh tour packages, talked about the idea with my travelling pals, and eventually I was able to carry it through. And then I discovered Thrillophilia, which had the ideal itinerary and price for us!

A representative from Thrillophilia welcomed us at the airport with the utmost courtesy and drove us to one of the hotels in Leh. We slept all day after checking in because we had nothing planned for the day of our arrival. But the sheer beauty and tranquillity of the city of Leh left us speechless. You can check out the thrillophilia ladakh reviews for more information about your ladakh tour.

We went sightseeing the following day. You feel so pleased and forget everything when you look at nature and how exquisitely God has designed everything. We also received a sense of their culture and traditions as we continued to advance. We visited Jispa, Sarchu, and Pang’s little villages in addition to Shey, Thiksey, and many more monasteries in Leh.

Pangong Lake was the focus of the following day. We were taken speechless when we caught our first glimpse of Pangong Tso after a wild trip filled with perilous twists and blind turns on a rough road. Its beauty and size are beyond anything words could ever capture. Shakespeare would have created a phrase appropriate for describing the Lake if he were still around today. Or perhaps even he would have struggled to find the right words! The magnificence of the lake is only occasionally seen by people. Reaching it is challenging due to its isolated location. And for that reason, the voyage is all the more memorable. The journey is about pushing yourself to the limit, through difficult terrain, and then being greeted by an incredible sight.

We stayed in a tent close to the lake. Just visualise it. As the virtually full moon shimmered in the lake, we were sitting by a warm bonfire in the middle of the night, surrounded by a million stars. Yes. We must take that action! The blaze was later put out, but the memories of that evening are still fresh.

The highest motorable road in the world, Khardungla Pass, is where we travelled next. Despite taking the right medication, I began to experience a searing headache at that high altitude. But with a bowl of Maggie and a cup of Kahwah, I felt like myself again! We also had to forgo our time in the lovely town of Kargil. We did, however, pay respects to the valiant men and women who died at the Drass War Memorial. The memorial serves as a sobering reminder that because to the sacrifices made by thousands of army personnel, we are all safe in our homes. This concludes our day.

We saw Mulbek, a giant living Buddha sculpture, and then drove to Aryan Valley, the most picturesque valley in Ladakh, the following morning after breakfast. Discover the intriguing and distinctive customs, way of life, and wholesome cuisine that the people of the Aryan valley produce on their fields. The remainder of the day is free for you to enjoy the valley’s natural splendour. After that, we went to Lamayuru Monastery where we took in the vista of the lunar landscape. We travelled to Magnetic Hill, Gurudwara Shri Pathar Sahib, and the Hall of Fame museum after arriving in Leh in the late afternoon.  Thrillophilia reviews will help you out to give valuable information about your trip to ladakh.

The following morning, we had breakfast and then finished our vacation by purchasing some souvenirs from the surrounding markets. I boarded the plane for my return trip with a pocketful of memories from my vacation to Ladakh.

The journey our friend took to Leh Ladakh was unquestionably unforgettable. The weather sometimes treated us severely, but that didn’t stop us from discovering this paradise because everything about Ladakh is peaceful. We would be organising another trip with Thrillophilia soon as they have been quite helpful throughout the experience.

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