Update Your Home Office with a Foot Rest

Working from home has become somewhat of a standard in our modern world. You no longer have to start your own business to work from home because there are a plethora of jobs that have now become available to do remotely. From graphic designers to financial consultants and everything in between.

With the rise of this movement there has become a stark need for home office equipment among any individual trying to operate their tasks at home. There are the obvious necessities such as a desk, a desk chair, computer monitors, printers, wifi, etc… But what about the comfort elements? You don’t just want a desk in the corner. You want it to feel like an office with decor and plants, or maybe even one of those name plates to make it feel all the more official.

One simple comfort that often gets overlooked is an office foot rest. It’s a simple amenity that goes a very long way in terms of functionality and comfort. Not only can it be a comfortable option for your feet position, but it can also come with several health benefits you may not know you’re missing.

Read on to learn why a foot rest is the perfect way to update your home office.

Comfort = Productivity

Working all day in a chair could be one of the most draining tasks a person could take on. Especially at home where there’s little to no social and physical stimulus. After a while your eyes will start to droop, your feet will start to lose circulation, and your posture will start going downhill. You may even be experiencing growing fatigue and pain in your legs because of it. This is the perfect recipe for a very unproductive work life. As someone who works from home, it is necessary to take steps to prevent this from happening. Most of the time adding bodily comfort is the best way to do this.

A foot rest pillow is the perfect thing for this situation. Having a foot rest under your desk allows your feet to be elevated. This will increase comfort by alleviating unwanted pressure, increasing blood flow, and adding some variety to the positions in which you can sit. As a result of all of these effects you will be more comfortable, have better posture, and be overall more capable to complete the tasks at hand. It’s a no brainer when it comes to increasing productivity.

How It Works

When looking into what type of foot rest to get, make sure you are getting one that is going to actually be successful in alleviating pressure and stimulating blood flow. It’s just like purchasing anything else. There are some that work well and others just aren’t that great. One of the best types of foot rest pillows to get would be a high quality memory foam pillow with a teardrop design.

The memory foam not only gives it a comfortable feel, but it also has a heat responsive element. Meaning that when you rest your foot on it, it will contour to your body just enough to not only be more comfortable, but also ensure that your foot will not slip off. The teardrop design has proven to be more functional than that of the half moon design because it more appropriately holds the foot, optimizing the amount of relief and blood flow the user experiences. The comfort is in the details.

This specific type of foot pillow can also be used as a rocker to create stimulus for your feet. It’s always good to have options for the different healthy ways you can sit at your desk. There’s nothing worse than feeling like there’s no way to get comfortable. With this pillow you can use it as a soft and comfortable foot rest, or turn it over and wake your feet up by rocking them back and forth. It’s simple and easy to switch sides whenever you need.

Working from home is great, cost effective, and if you do it right, way more productive. Just do what you need to in order to make it enjoyable. Get yourself a nice monitor and desk chair, have some healthy snacks available, and take care of your body in the process. Make sure that chair is ergonomic and your feet are stimulated. Adding amenities to your home office that ensure your bodily health is perhaps the best update you could possibly do.

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