Water Pipes for Smoking Weed

There are several devices in the market for smoking herbs or weed, right from bubblers to vapors to water pipes. Water pipes are a popular and preferred method of smoking by many. It has been in use for centuries and were one of the first devices used by smokers. It has been used worldwide by many people in different cultures. Water pipes seem to be as popular even today.

What do Water Pipes Look Like?

Water pipes have a stable and broad base that supports a long neck with a mouthpiece at the end of it. They are comparatively smaller in size, and that is why they do not cost much.


What Makes Water Pipes So Popular?

Water pipes use the water filtration method to filter your herb and are somewhat better than smoking. Since the herbs get filtered, they go easy on the lungs and yet provide a great aroma and smooth hits. Water pipes use water to cool down the smoke before entering your lungs.

The following reasons prove why water pipes are a preferred smoking device-

  1. Water pipes are comparatively easy to use, especially by newcomers. First-time smokers can even learn by observing how others are using it.
  2. As mentioned before, they go easy on the lungs. The water filters out toxins like ash and tar, along with cooling down the smoke before entering the lungs of a smoker. This way, the puffs are smoother.
  3. Cleaning a water pipe can be a tiresome process or an easy one. Rinse the water pipes after each use. Rinse the water pipe properly and fill it with a cleaning solution for thorough cleaning. Conceal the ends of the pipe with your hands and shake it violently.
  4. Water pipes can be custom-made or personalized. There are several designs or styles available to choose from. One can go for a simple one or a highly complicated water pipe.
  5. Water pipes provide a much satisfactory experience since one can draw more giant puffs.
  6. Water pipes are a perfect accessory for social gatherings. They add to your decor.

How To Use a Water Pipe?

Before we begin using a water pipe, it is essential to have the right equipment with us. One needs the following items-

  1. A bowl piece- maximum water pipes have a bowl piece with them. But you can use a personalized one as well.
  2. A lighter- very important to start any smoking session.
  3. A grinder- by grinder the herbs, one can experience a better aromatic session.

Steps to follow while using a water pipe

  1. To begin with, grind the herbs.
  2. Next, fill the water pipe a quarter with water, and one can add ice as well for cooler puffs.
  3. Stuff the bowl piece with grounded herbs. Do not fill too much, just about right.
  4. Now, when you light up the herbs, place your mouth over the mouthpiece and slowly inhale. Perform these two acts simultaneously. Once the water starts bubbling, it means you are following the correct procedure of using a water pipe.
  5. When you inhale, move the bowl piece away slowly, and exhale slowly.
  6. Keep following the above two steps till the herbs in the bowl piece exhaust.

The Various Types of Water Pipes

Several different types of water pipes exist, and numerous materials are used to make them.

  1. Glass Water Pipes- these are long-lasting and cheap to make, and perhaps that is the reason they are not expensive. Made with heat-resistant glass, glass water pipes come in various shapes and sizes. Glass water pipes are the most basic ones.
  2. Acrylic Water Pipes- made with PVC plastic, can last a very long time. Acrylic water pipes come with a metal downstem. These come in bright colors and make for a great collectible.
  3. Turbine Cyclone Percolator Water Pipes- as the name suggests, when one smokes these pipes, the whirls, and the smoke comes out in a tornado-like manner. Turbine Cyclone percolator water pipes are popular among users.
  4. Honeycomb to Turbine Perc Sidecar Glass Water Pipe- the sidecar arm on this water pipe prevents the water from coming into your mouth when you take a puff. The Honeycomb to Turbine Perc Sidecar Glass Pipe is compact and easy to carry around, and this design is quite popular among waterpipe users.
  5. Bubble Base Zong Neck Basic Water Pipe– This simple yet elegant design is portable and affordable. It is big enough to be noticed and compact enough to carry around easily. The method of Bubble Base Zong Neck Basic Water Pipe is not overwhelming and can be used without much hassle.
  6. Themed Styles- Popular TV and Movies have made there way into the glass world and you can now find all kinds of entertainment related glass ware and even find Rick and Morty pipes

How To Clean a Water Pipe?

As mentioned before, it is wise to thoroughly rinse your water pipe after each use. However, it is equally prudent to dismantle the various parts of the water pipe and give it a nice clean. With every use, residue will remain, which is not easy to scrub out. Hence, the need to devote time towards cleaning the pipe.

Follow the steps written below-

  1. If you plan on cleaning the pipe right after using it, let it cool down first. It’s hot, so be careful with it.
  2. Once the pipe cools down, empty all the pipe contents into a drain or toilet.
  3. Next, dismantle the pipe. That is to say, take out all the removable parts like the bowl and downstem.
  4. To be sure, thoroughly inspect your pipe for any damages. Replace them and do not wash them. It may hurt your hand while cleaning them.
  5. Thoroughly rinse each part under running water to get rid of any residue. At this stage, prepare a cleaning solution.
  6. Next, add some salt to the base. Remember, the base is more prominent, and you may not reach it to clean.
  7. Now, place each piece of the pipe separately in a waterproof sealable plastic bag.
  8. Next, add rubbing alcohol, about 70% to 91 % Isopropyl alcohol, and salt to each bag. Ensure that each piece is completely soaked in rubbing alcohol. Add a little salt, enough to clean the parts. Please do not go overboard with salt because it might clog the parts.
  9. Let the parts stay soaked in for at least an hour. This way, the residue will break down.
  10. Now, vigorously shake each bag for over 30 seconds. Shaking helps the residue to weaken and break free easily. Ensure that each bag is properly sealed before you start shaking it.
  11. Next, thoroughly rinse each part under hot running water. Thoroughly rinse the base and the pipe’s mouthpiece to avoid any foul taste.
  12. If your pipe is very dirty, do not rinse directly under hot water. Instead, soak the parts in a container filled with hot water for some time.
  13. If you feel your pipe is still dirty, then bag and shake again.
  14. If you find the residue still clinging onto a few parts, clean it using an earbud dipped in rubbing alcohol.
  15. Once you feel each part has been thoroughly cleaned, assemble your pipe. Place it under hot running water for the last rinse.

Where to buy Water Pipes?

Like any other smoking device, water pipes can be bought from headshops or online stores. The cheap and affordable ones cost a few dollars, while high-end and customized pieces can cost a few hundred dollars.

Concluding Words

Water pipes are an excellent collection for smoke lovers. These come in various designs and make for a great collectible. If not in use, these double up as a showpiece too. Do your research before investing in a water pipe. Choose one that suits your personality and taste. There is a water pipe out there for everyone!

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