Water Purifier Producing Coloured and Cloudy Water- Why and How You Can Fix It!


Every family uses a RO purifier to ensure their health and well-being are not compromised. Since water is essential for many bodily processes, we consume litres of it every day. What if your RO water purifier starts malfunctioning, and you receive not only unfiltered water rather a more contaminated one?

It also happens frequently that a water purifier that is otherwise in excellent functioning order begins to produce coloured and foggy water. This problem poses a bigger threat of health hazards in the future, and only immediate attention could solve it.

A purifier that has been properly maintained is typically in a situation where it won’t break down. However, because of our busy schedules, we frequently need to pay more attention to servicing our water purifiers because we believe they operate as intended.

To extend the lifespan of your water purifier to 9 to 10 years, routine maintenance servicing should be performed both monthly and annually. Do you have any questions about local purifier service centres? Searching for a water purifier service near me in Hyderabad will give you the best contacts.

But occasionally, technological equipment will break down. Overuse, incredibly unclean water, and inadequate maintenance are a few of the main issues that could cause RO purifiers to malfunction. This article addresses the issue of cloudy water from the purifier and why it happens, and how you can fix the issue.

5 Reasons for Cloudy Water From RO Water Purifier:

Air bubbles trapped in the filter:

One potential reason for cloudy water is when air bubbles get trapped in the filtration system. This can happen in several ways. Air may have leaked out due to a broken pipe or water storage tank. The porous membrane will filter the air out, and it will get mixed with the water. Drinking this water is not harmful, and the water’s cloudiness should disappear within a few minutes.

Ensure there are no leaks in the water storage tank or the pipelines first. For the water filter to work, any broken components to the point where air can enter must be replaced. The amount of air in the water storage tank may be a problem, even if there are no obvious outward flaws or physical part leaks. This can be fixed by adding water to the tank, letting it run until empty, and then repeating the procedure as many times as necessary to allow the system to release the air and attain its ideal internal pressure.

Damage or Problem With RO Membrane:

A reverse osmosis membrane or filter that has sustained damage in some way is another factor contributing to murky water. If the pores get bigger, it lets other harmful components pass through. Those mix with the water to give it dirty and muddy colour.


Take good care of the reverse osmosis membrane by ensuring it is set up correctly, cleaned using the required tools and techniques, and replaced regularly. Unwanted substances can easily pass the filter if the membrane is not placed correctly. Make sure it is positioned properly, in good condition, and shows no signs of damage. Search RO service near me in Hyderabad to get your purifier fixed.

Thorough Cleaning of the Purifier:

The water storage tank may have developed bacteria and algae over time.

For example, a broken membrane can permit bacteria to enter a water storage tank, where they can thrive and contaminate the water.

Fortunately, organic bacteria or algae buildups may be avoided by routinely maintaining and sanitising the entire system. To find out how frequently the components of your particular reverse osmosis filtering system should be cleaned or replaced, go to the recommendations for that system.

Cloudy Water Right After Installation:

People who recently installed a reverse osmosis system and were alarmed to discover that the water was hazy need not be alarmed. With a new system, this is a typical and expected occurrence.

Food-grade carbon, which is present in new filters and is necessary for the membrane to operate, frequently leaks into the water when the filter is first used. Since the carbon in this water is food-grade, it is safe to drink.


These are some possible reasons for getting cloudy water from the purifier. Apart from these, producing such dirty water could be a problem with the source water. Seek the RO services near you to get immediate attention to the issue creating such problems. Drinking such unsafe water isn’t good for you or your family!

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