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A World Health Organization survey claims that due to numerous obstacles, only around half of the world’s children are officially recorded as being born or dying. They regularly receive cause-of-death statistics from about 100 Member States. However, worldwide, 38 million out of the 56 million yearly fatalities are still unreported, or two-thirds, and over half of all children are born each year without being documented. In order to build health systems that work better, the nation needs to know how many people are born and die each year, as well as their reasons of death.

Every nation is looking for ways to increase the number of births that are recorded in its systems. One of the main strategies they examined was raising awareness of the procedure, which would inevitably result in more people going through it. The majority of those who chose not to use the system did so because they did not see any advantages to enrolling their children. A birth certificate serves as a child’s first form of identification and is crucial for registering for events like marriage registration  and school admission. They were faced with a laborious procedure that required a lot of coordination but offered nothing in the way of benefit. Another factor was the registration procedure’ complexity, which required people to travel and obtain numerous documents in order to complete.

By developing the birth certificate online, they were able to resolve both of these problems. The entire process of registering a birth certificate was explained on the internet. Additionally, it contained all the data necessary to coordinate with any services related to the birth certificate office. The knowledge was all there, and it was really practical. Additionally, it enabled users to download whatever forms they required, including those for registering a new birth, requesting a copy of their certificate, and making adjustments to their present birth certificate due to errors or for any other reason. There are a few obstacles to overcome when requesting a birth certificate after the specified dates or as an adult, such as assembling

An applicant may always complete the online forms and upload them if they wished to manage the full procedure online. The website would then verify everything on its end and let the user know when their certificate would arrive. The website is user-friendly, so even those who are unfamiliar with the internet may use it and submit applications for any position they like. Additionally, it functions on their phones, allowing users to complete this task using their phone without the need for advanced technical skills. The Indian government is hoping that this will be the action they need to take to encourage more people to register their child’s birth.

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