What Amenities Are Most Important to Renters?

In the middle of a global pandemic and an uncertain economic climate with a fast-paced real estate market, renters are no different from homeowners in that they’ve come to realize how important their apartments are. With an increased need to feel safe, they’re looking for rentals with functional utilities and a focus on amenities that provide privacy and convenience. Read on to learn more about what tenants are looking for in amenities.

Matters of Safety

For many tenants, one of the most important things they need in their homes is a sense of security and safety. This involves a variety of amenities but should start with a telephone entry system that will give your residents complete control of who they let into the r building. Able to be used from a smartphone, this unique intercom system is the best way to grant remote property access for all their deliveries and visitors.

Used in more than 5,000 residential, commercial, and student housing properties, the ButterflyMX entry system also gives property managers and owners a way to grant or decline access from a smartphone or computer. Whether for building residents, staff or owners, this convenient system not only offers peace of mind but also the ability to open doors for visitors from anywhere in the world.

Whether it’s a telephone entry system or more lights in a parking lot for added safety, tenants are looking to rent at properties that keep them safer. Some added security features include video cameras, magnetic locks, and keypad entry systems.

Functional Utilities and Upgrades

In addition to the remote property access functionality that comes with a telephone entry system, residents are looking for properties with easy and functional access to utility services. Melbourne residents, for example, want to know that they can easily connect to power with a simple Google search like ‘electricity Melbourne‘ or an easy connection to AT&T wireless phone services. Whether the building they’re renting is in an urban area or rural one, they want to know they’ll have good internet access, strong WiFi connections, and more. Part of this might come down to location. As a landlord or real estate investor, give some consideration to areas with long range satellite and connectivity access.

While considering utilities for renters, it’s important that apartments are upgraded on a regular basis and offer safe wiring, solid heating, and a usable cooling system. From the electrical system through to the water and appliances, renters will appreciate the extra care put into the regular maintenance of services.

Location, Location, Location

There’s no denying the importance of location. For renters who need public transportation access or are looking to live in a specific school district, location can be particularly important. Potential multi-tenant property owners must consider location when it comes time to pick out a property. Location amenities to consider should include proximity to nearby medical facilities, places of worship, schools, shops, grocery stores, the post office, and more. Buying and upgrading older buildings in safe neighborhoods is a great place to start for any landlord looking to meet tenant demand for privacy and security. Think about parking lot lighting, fire and safety alarm systems, and access to emergency services, too. By vising this site you can know about commercial investment real estate.

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At the end of the day, where we live matters, and even more so during a pandemic. Whether our primary goal is to live close to our office building or have access to public transportation, living in a facility that’s up-to-date and includes extra amenities like video cameras, card readers, and a solid privacy policy can make a big difference. If you’re a landlord looking to make upgrades or set new priorities to improve the lives of your for it.