What are the Benefits of Ecommerce Packaging for My Online Business?

When running an eCommerce business, there are many factors to keep in mind to offer your customers a high level of care. Customer service in Ecommerce is critical because you do not get the opportunity to interact with your customers face-to-face. You need to establish and grow a relationship with them remotely through indirect engagement to gain customer loyalty.

While the most important thing you can provide is a high-quality product, there are other things you can do to enhance the customers’ experience and encourage them to come back. One of the areas to focus on is your Ecommerce packaging. Think of your packaging as the gift wrap on a birthday present. The more detailed it is, the more the recipient will recognize the care and love in that gift.

By taking your time and putting a little extra into the Ecommerce packaging, you can show your customers how much you not only appreciate their business but much you care about your products. Here are three of the benefits of E-commerce packaging.


The first benefit of packaging is that it protects the product you are sending out. You want to choose durable packaging that will stay strong while processing through the fulfillment center, the delivery trucks, and sitting outside someone’s house. Digital printing the labels will ensure they are readable and get to the right address. Cardboard boxes are often a good choice because they are durable and low-cost. Bubble wrap inside the box reduces the movement of the product to prevent damage.

If you have a fragile product, you should use extra bubble wrap and a fragile product sticker on the outside or invest in a custom package that will eliminate movement inside the package. It is important to always go overboard on protecting the product because it will reflect positively on your company and avoid negative online reviews. Many won’t hesitate to criticize the company online when people receive damaged products, even when it was a complete accident. When it comes to e-commerce, you have to protect your reputation and get consumers to trust you.


Packaging also allows you to solidify your branding. Custom packaging, StickerYou custom stickers, customer tissue paper, digital printing on the outside of the package can all be ways to promote your brand. You can make all of your packagings in a specific color or with your logo printed. You can include certain items in every package as part of your branding. For example, a mail-order pet food company includes a treat in every package sent out to customers.

When looking at customer packaging, you may think you can’t afford it because it can get expensive. However, there are ways to save money on packaging items without reducing the protection or perceived value. For example, while custom printed tissue paper is eye-catching, hand-wrapping an item in tissue paper will achieve the same benefits.


Meticulous packaging also increases the perceived value or quality of the product. For example, sending a pair of earrings wrapped in tissue paper, sealed with a logo thank you for a sticker, and placed carefully in a custom envelope with a digitally printed label and sealed with a logo sticker is going to be perceived as more valuable than a pair of earrings tossed in a plain envelope with a handwritten address on the front.

When looking at that comparison, the first one sounds like it’s higher quality, but it also sounds like it comes from a real company instead of the second one. Customer logo stickers are a great way to increase quality and brand awareness without spending much money.

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