What are the Non-Surgical Ways to Treat Shoulder Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a chronic and painful condition that affects millions of people across the globe. In this condition, the cartilages present at the ends of the bone wear away with time. Osteoarthritis results in pain and stiffness, while the severity of the condition will decide how it will be treated.

In most cases, the treatment preferred is non-operative. While on the other hand, severe cases may require surgery and for that, Orthopaedic Trauma Implants may be required. In this post, we will discuss some non-surgical methods of treating shoulder osteoarthritis.

Non-Operative Ways of Treating Shoulder Osteoarthritis

The orthopedist always tries to first treat the condition without surgery and in a maximum number of cases, they work. Let us see some of the common non-surgical methods used:


Proper rest of the affected shoulder is always the first line of non-surgical treatment. For that, one needs to make adjustments in his/her daily work schedule. Excessively using the injured shoulder could make the condition work while increasing the pain. Patients are advised not to lift heavy objects or put unnecessary weight on the shoulder to ensure quick and better healing.

Application of heat or ice

Another effective way of non-surgically treating shoulder osteoarthritis is to apply heat or ice to the affected shoulder multiple times or as prescribed by the doctor. This can easily be done as heat packs or ice packs are available in the market. Besides this, one can also put some ice cubes in a towel for ice application. Icing the shoulder is known to provide relief from swelling and pain as well. In general, heat or ice application is advised three to four times a day for around 15 to 20 minutes each. Still, smartness lies in consulting the doctor.


Medication to relieve pain and inflammation is also important to treat the condition. Prescribed medicines are required to relieve symptoms like pain and swelling while improving the mobility of the joint. To get better results, it is always advised to complete the course of the medicine as suggested by the physician.

Physical therapy

Above all, limited physical movement of the affected shoulder is also important to bring back the full range of motion when healed. This is well-managed by the physiotherapist. Thus, proper physical therapy is also vital in not only getting the joint healed but also reducing the chances of surgery.

Administration of cortisone injections

If we talk about direct medication to relieve symptoms of shoulder osteoarthritis, then it is a cortisone injection. This must be administered by a trained nurse or scientific officer and that too after getting the prescription of the doctor.

The above-mentioned are the 5 most common ways of treating shoulder osteoarthritis without surgery. When someone experiences a shoulder injury, it is advised to consult the doctor without wasting much time. This is because if delayed, the condition could become worse and surgery may be the last option left.

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