6 Budget-Friendly Toy Storage Ideas For Your Kids

There is a very real reason why grown-ups have this innate fear of a misplaced piece of Lego right in the middle of the floor. Toys aren’t the softest objects found on this planet. And accidentally stepping on them, regardless if it is a random blue block of Lego or not, doesn’t feel all that good. 

Hence the need and existence of proper storage. Specifically, proper toy storage. There are a lot of toy storage ideas out there on the web. Most of it looks all cool and colorful and not as bland as the idea of stored objects. But there could be times and situations in which the need for proper storage sets cannot be attained because of budget limits. That’s okay. Because here are some of the cheapest and budget-friendly ways you could store your kid’s toys.

1. Repurposing Old Objects as Storage

A lot of these things will immediately revolve around recycling. As this section suggests, repurposing or recycling older storage items can be one of the best and most effective ways to go about this.

A good idea can come from simple containers for other things. Like old candy containers with different shapes, say, for example, a Hello Kitty candy jar made out of plastic. You can clean it out and repurpose it as a container for the smaller kinds of toys like blocks of legos and such. Not only is it shaped like a toy, but it immediately is within the theme of a playroom. 

2. Dollar Store Buckets

One good idea is to have a set of colorful dollar store buckets and use them as storage. They all don’t have to have the same color. You can choose to buy a set of them that come in different colors making them more fun to look at. With that, you can also assign specific toys to store. It will help you train your kid in the useful and satisfying art of segregation.

One creative way you could display this set of buckets is to drill holes in them and connect them with zip ties and build a pyramid out of these buckets. You now have a wildly colorful and round pyramid toy shelf.

3. Storage Benches

With the use of an existing bench and a set of plastic baskets that can fit under the bench, you can have a DIY version of Benches that come with storage drawers under them. This not only is a good space-saving strategy for toy storage, but also a good way to incorporate the existing objects already present at the playpen and make them multi-functional. Good for sitting and also for hiding away the toys at the end of the day.

4. Magnetic Rack Toy Car Storage

Remember those old strips of Magnets you didn’t use that were supposed to hold knives in the kitchen? A cool way to repurpose these things is to mount them on the walls of your child’s play area and stick the little metal toy cars there for storage. Not only is it reusing something that’s supposed to be for something else, but this will teach children the fun side of magnets and be more interested in how they work. Not to mention the cool moments of storing the metal cars up there at the end of the day. 

5. Plant Hangers for Stuffed Toys

Even those old plant hangers can be useful in this case. These objects that are mostly used to hold up pots of plants can be washed, re-painted, and re-decorated into things that can be hung in the play area to store plush toys. It helps keep these toys out of the floor and provides you more floor area at the end of the day. 

6. Bins Made out of Wood

There can be times that wooden bins are used to hold pots of plants together out in the yard. If you have an extra one lying around, this can be used as a storage space for children’s books. 

As we all know, books, regardless if they’re thin or small, will tend to have more weight together. This then needs a sturdy storage container that can hold them together.

Like the old plant hangers, all you have to do is wash it, sand it a bit and dust it off, paint it with non-toxic paint of course, (be creative with the pain and design) and hold all the kid’s books in it.

Let your Imagination Run Wild

These are just some of the coolest ideas to pick from. There isn’t any limit here. You can also repurpose even the old boxes the toys themselves came in. Even the old box that housed the CPU you bought. All of these things can be reused and turn them into budget-friendly toy storage spaces.For more storage ideas for your home, you can check out Storables.com!

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