What are YouTube Downloaders? How do they work?

Having problems with your internet connection or is the streaming quality very poor that you can’t seem to enjoy your YouTube videos? Well, there is another way through which you can enjoy your YouTube videos by using an online tool known as a YouTube Downloader. Heard about it before? Now let us explain its function and purpose to you. 

Of course, the corresponding copyright rules and regulations still apply as downloading content from YouTube through third- party tools or apps is not allowed by YouTube. But if streaming videos from the official YouTube site just doesn’t work for you then you can definitely try YouTube downloaders. 


YouTube is an online streaming website that provides its users with an easy way to share information and is a source for them to earn money through the content (videos) they make. It is an online platform that is used internationally by millions as it enables its users to make original content and share it with their fans and followers. Tons of web users use YouTube to upload, share, and view content without any hassle or restriction. You can find the video related to any topic or any taste on YouTube with ease. Ranging from documentaries to original content to cooking clips to art n crafts, YouTube is the home to all.

What are YouTube Downloaders? Why use them? 

YouTube is one of the most frequently used and popular sites across the globe with over 300 hours of footage uploaded every other minute. Free YouTube Downloaders are a savior for those people who like to save their favorite YouTube videos in the format of their choice. With the help of these third-party tools, YouTube users get a chance to save their desired videos to their devices so they can view them anytime and anywhere they like. YouTube downloaders are extremely easy to use, plus they keep your identity anonymous so it enables the users to download or convert any YouTube video or song into MP4, MP3 formats.

YouTube users often use these downloading tools to rip the audio off a video or sometimes to download the videos altogether so they can use them for later. Many artists use YouTube to promote their music on YouTube who wants to get paid for the content they create. So, in essence, these YouTube downloading tools rip off the music and entertainment industry. The trend of downloading videos from YouTube has received a lot of scrutiny in the past years as this act is considered illegal. However, no one has really been fined yet.

 How do YouTube Downloaders and Youtube Converter works?

Downloading videos from YouTube is nearly impossible unless you’re a premium subscriber of YouTube. Obviously, not everyone has that kind of money to get a premium subscription. Also, streaming quality on YouTube can be poor due to a weak internet connection. So, if streaming just doesn’t work for you then you can always use YouTube downloaders to solve the matter. This way you will be able to enjoy the YouTube videos offline without any restrictions.

Follow these few quick and easy steps to download or convert to mp3 format any YouTube video you like from the official site: 

  • Firstly, open the website of any online https://youtubemp3.us/ on your browser. 
  • You will see a text box on the first page of that website, which will help you download the YouTube video.
  • Then, copy the URL of the YouTube video you want to download.
  • Paste the URL (the link that you copied) in the text bar given on the YouTube downloader’s website.
  • Click on the ‘Download’ button or icon.
  • Now, it’ll give you the option to choose whatever quality/format you would like to save your YouTube video in.
  • Your video will get saved to your device.Read more about: 9xmovies movie4me and bolly4u.

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