What is a Trade Show?

Trade shows are something that not a lot of people actually know about. So, what is the big secret of trade shows? Trade shows are a way to get attention to your brand through a giant exposition. It allows not only the chance to find potential buyers, but it is also a chance to network and to find new suppliers. No matter what you would like to accomplish at your trade show, it is important to know exactly what a trade show is. In this article, we are going to explain exactly what a trade show is, and how they can help you.

What is the Purpose of a Trade Show?

Trade shows are so important because they allow for a great opportunity to market your company. Trade shows allow for many marketing opportunities, learning opportunities, as well as networking opportunities. At most trade shows, there are exhibitions where industry professionals will come in and speak to all of the different companies. This is a great opportunity to learn about what is happening within the industry. Going to these events also provides a great opportunity to network with others. All of these are the purposes are really why trade shows can be so beneficial to your company.

What do I Need for a Trade Show?

When participating in a trade show it is essential that you have displays in order to attract potential customers. ExpoMarketing is a great option to get a portable trade show display. These trade show displays are a great eye-catching, simple display that will be easy to set up and take down. Not only is it so easy for everyone to set up, but it is a great way to attract potential customers. Acquiring new customers is one of the main purposes of a trade show, and the best way to do that is to make sure that you have a display that is enticing for people to come to. Without an enticing display, it will be really hard to get people to come to your display.

Who is Invited to Trade Shows?

The audience of trade shows can differ depending on what type of trade show it is. Some trade shows are only for industry professionals. At these types of trade shows, you will see more networking opportunities, as well as keynote speakers and trainings that can be attended. The purpose of these trade shows is to help companies discover all of the developments and trends that are going on in their industry at the time. The other type of trade show is ones where the consumers and the potential consumers can attend. The events in these types of trade shows are more consumer based. Some of the activities include giveaways, or other marketing campaigns.


There is so much when it comes to trade shows. At times it may feel overwhelming, however, once you understand the trade show, and what you would like to accomplish during the trade show, then you will have the keys to have a successful trade show. Good luck as you plan your next trade show!

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